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Design salt and pepper mills - how to find the right model for your home

  1. The grinding mechanism of salt and pepper mills
  2. Salt and pepper mills: Design and material
  3. Conclusion

1. The grinding mechanism of salt and pepper mills

Salt and pepper mills: the grinder

For a particularly intense flavor, the rule is: the fresher the spices and the grinding, the richer and more differentiated the flavor. It is therefore recommended to always grind salt and pepper fresh if possible.

The decisive factor in a salt and pepper mill is the grinder. Disposable mills sold with spices in supermarkets usually have a plastic grinder. However, this is not an alternative to long-lasting high-quality grinders made of ceramic or steel.

Grinding mills made of ceramic have the great advantage that they are almost wear-free and therefore extremely durable . However, be careful not to use them with steam, as the grinder can stick together and also form an unsightly salt rim. Also, use without grist should be avoided , as the teeth of the grinder are more susceptible to breakage than those of a steel grinder. However, the same ceramic grinder can be used for both salt and pepper .

Grinders made of steel are usually just as durable and robust while being slightly less expensive , whereas the price depends mainly on the alloy. They should also not be used with steam , as the grinder can stick and rust in the worst case. Unless it is a special salt mill , a steel grinder is not suitable for grinding salt. Because salt is much harder than pepper, which is why here is an additional increased risk of corrosion . So when buying a set, note that there are different grinders for salt and pepper.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "The degree of grinding can be adjusted on most spice mills. Finely ground spices are preferred for a homogeneous mixture, such as in soups and sauces. Coarsely ground spices, on the other hand, add texture to meat dishes and salads." - Viktoria, interior design expert

Expert tip The finer a spice is ground, the greater its surface area and thus its intensity. Accordingly, be sure to season dishes more often to avoid over-seasoning!

The alternative to spice mills are Salt & pepper shakers , in which you fill already ground spices directly. If you not only prefer fresh pepper and freshly ground salt, but generally like to make your own spice and herb mixtures, it's best to reach for mortars and herb cutters .

2. Salt and pepper mills: Design and material

Salt and pepper mills: Design and material

The materials used for the housing of a salt and pepper mill are usually a mix. The main focus is on the favored feel and color choice of the surface, and spice mills can be found made of these materials or combinations:

  • Stone materials such as marble in combination with wood (1)
  • metal with elements of wood (2)
  • mainly glass (3)
  • mainly rubber (4)
  • exclusively wood (5)
  • plastic in combination with metal (6)

Compared to the other models, spice mills made of glass have the advantage that you can see the amount present and there is no idle use, which is very damaging to a ceramic grinder. With the diverse design selection of Connox, there is a suitable model for every interior style.

Drupe spice grinder from ferm Living

3. Conclusion - what you should consider when buying design salt and pepper mills

  • Unlike salt and pepper shakers, you can use a spice mill to grind salt and pepper fresh. Another option for this is mortars as well as herb cutters.
  • The fresher salt and pepper are ground, the richer and more differentiated their taste will be.
  • The most important part of a salt and pepper mill is the grinder. This should be made of ceramic or steel, as they are particularly robust and durable.
  • With most spice mills, the degree of grinding can be adjusted. While fine grinds are particularly suitable for soups or sauces, coarser grinds are perfect for salads or meat.
  • Spice mills are available in a wide variety of material designs: From stone, ceramic and metal to wood, glass, rubber and plastic, everything is available - and is often combined with each other.

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