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Herb cutter and mortar: fresh flavors from the kitchen.

Good spices and fresh herbs are a must in every kitchen. Thereby, processing them by hand is a real enrichment. Packaged herbs and spices do not come close to the aroma of the freshly prepared varieties for a long time. A high-quality mortar as well as a herb cutter are therefore indispensable in a well-equipped kitchen. We have compiled a selection of shapely and functional design products for you. Let yourself be inspired and soon inspire family and friends with aromatic dishes.

Mortars and herb cutters in the Wohndesign store - your advantages at a glance

Mortar and pestle: Which material is best?

Mortars and pestles are available in a wide variety of materials. However, not every variant is suitable for every project.
Mortars made of granite are very robust. They are suitable for hard materials, such as peppercorns, as well as for preparing pestos. The surface of mortars made of marble is very even. This makes cleaning easier, but also makes pounding more difficult because spices can slip. A porcelain mortar is more slip resistant and, unlike granite and marble, dishwasher safe. This saves time when washing up. When buying, generally make sure that the mortar and pestle are sufficiently heavy. This way, you will have to use less force when crushing and preparing. For example, the Crush-It mortar from Rig-Tig by Stelton impresses not only with its robust workmanship but also with its ergonomic shape. The narrow, tall vessel fits well in the hand and makes it possible to grind spices without much effort.

Herb cutter: Never crush herbs again

There is a golden rule for crushing herbs: only use kitchen aids with a sharp blade. After all, finely chopped herbs are essential for a full flavor. If the blades are blunt, you will crush the fine plants. This not only looks unsightly, but also harms the taste. With a herb cutter you are on the safe side. It has several stainless steel blades. These are usually finer than the blades of kitchen knives and therefore better suited for the delicate herbs.

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Tip: On the dining table, spice mills are a nice addition. Have a look around.