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Cups and drinking cups - versatile tableware and decorative elements.

For a large proportion of Germans, it is an everyday morning ritual: the cup of coffee before work. 73 percent of Germans treat themselves to at least one cup of the black gold every day. Tea drinkers are a little more sparse: the per capita annual consumption of tea in Germany is just 27.5 liters. Whether coffee or tea lovers, the two camps have one thing in common: they can't do without a cup and drinking mug. Let our selection surprise you and find your new favorite cup.

Drinking mugs and cups in the Wohndesign store - your advantages at a glance

Cups: the right variant for every drink

Espresso cup: Espresso is mostly enjoyed in small portions and with a lot of sugar. It is especially suitable for a low in the afternoon or after a heavy meal. Espresso cups usually have a capacity of 80 to 100 milliliters. If you make espresso with a standard capsule machine, you should make sure that your cup is in no way smaller than 80 milliliters. This is the preset standard amount of coffee machines. The espresso cup from Eva Solo is made of porcelain and covered with a silicone sleeve. It ensures a good grip and avoids burnt fingers.

Coffee cup and coffee mug: A coffee cup is larger than those for espresso. This is because coffee is much weaker in taste and caffeine content. That is why it can be consumed in larger quantities than espresso. Coffee mugs have a capacity of 200 to 250 milliliters. Coffee mugs , like the heart mug from ByGraziela are also ideal as a gift. Especially for people who don't know you very well, you can't go wrong with a coffee mug.

Tea cup: In Europe, tea has been enjoyed since the beginning of the 1 7. century. It was imported by ship from a Dutch East India Company. In the beginning, Europeans were not sure if tea was harmful to health. Today it is known that due to its sugar-free and low-calorie properties it is an ideal drink for the whole day. Meanwhile, scientists even claim to have found evidence that, for example, regular consumption of green tea reduces the risk of cancer, dementia or cardiovascular disease. The Theo tea mug from Stelton is inspired by traditional Asian tea vessels. The accompanying bamboo saucer can also be used as a lid for the mug.

Handle mug: Handle mugs are the most common variety among mugs. They come in all colors, shapes and sizes. There is something for every taste and interior style. The decisive advantage of the mug is already hidden in its name: the handle. It prevents you from burning your hands on the hot cups. Therefore, mugs with handles are more suitable for children than the handleless copies.

Decorate with cups

Dishes, cups and spoons are not only useful but also beautiful decoration. A homemade cup candle is a special eye-catcher. To do this, hang a wick in the drinking cup or mug that you would like to turn into a candle. Melt old candle wax or wax granules in a pot and then fill it into the desired vessel. This decoration idea is a real eye-catcher not only on cold and dark days. It is also a beautiful element for a covered outdoor tea table in the summer. By the way, you can find detailed instructions for the Connox cup candle and other unusual gifts to make yourself in the article "Make gifts yourself - in just ten minutes" in our Connox Magazine .

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