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Drinking glasses

Varied drinking glasses with that certain something

Drinking glasses are our daily companions. We pick them up to drink water, juice, wine or coffee from them. Probably no other kitchen utensil is used as often as a drinking glass. But every person has different needs and demands. Therefore, before you buy your drinking glasses, think for a moment what you want to drink from them and what style you want the glasses to have. Whatever you like - you are sure to find it at Connox. We offer you in our store a wide selection of the most diverse design glasses from such well-known brands as Iittala , Eva Solo , Normann Copenhagen or Zwiesel 1872 . Of course, you also get drinking glasses in sets, so that everything fits together harmoniously. A popular gift is the Grand Cru drinking glass set: The beautifully shaped carafe with the two water glasses is delivered straight to your home in attractive packaging.

Find out here which drinking glasses meet your requirements:

  1. What types of drinking glasses can you find?
  2. The right drinking glasses for every occasion
  3. Material: What makes good drinking glasses?
  4. Also the capacity is to be considered
  5. The design: from modern simple to fancy
  6. What is the best way to clean the glasses?
  7. For what price do you get nice drinking glasses?

Our assortment covers the whole range of possibilities that exist in the selection of drinking glasses. In addition to a wide variety of water glasses, we carry elegant wine, champagne and beer glasses in the shape of a goblet or without a stem. In addition, we have glasses for special drinks ready for you. The large liqueur glass from Eva Solo is made with a slanted opening, which really brings out the aroma of the liqueurs. The noble liqueur glass is equally suitable for all other types of digestives and is also after use a pretty decorative item in the home bar. If you like to enjoy a Cuba Libre or a gin and tonic with friends, our stylish long drink glasses are a great choice. A drinking glass for 500 ml of liquid is ideally suited for this and is also a perfect all-rounder.

The right drinking glasses for every occasion
A drinking glass is already needed in the morning for breakfast. Children get in a good mood when small Moomin drinking glasses from Iittala are on the table. The Finnish design company Iittala has glasses with cute troll motifs in their program, which also make adults smile. Throughout the day, at meals, in between or at a celebration: a drinking glass is always in use. Especially for a beautifully set table at dinner, drinking glasses in a set are therefore a good idea. In this way, you are sure that the wine glasses also match the water glass and a harmonious overall impression is created. Instead of long-stemmed goblets, drinking glasses without stems are better suited for an outdoor party, as they are more stable. In various drinking glasses you can serve the soft drinks in the summer and a hot tea or a mulled wine in the cooler time.

Material: What makes good drinking glasses?
A simply designed, transparent drinking glass fits in quite easily with the already existing design tableware and can be combined in many ways. In contrast, a decorated or colored glass needs more space for its own effect. If you value special hardness, good break resistance and beautiful shine, it is best to purchase crystal glass. Due to the special manufacturing process, crystal glass is more translucent, more radiant and less sensitive to scratches than normal glass. In contrast, the drinking glasses from Rob Brandt look like plastic. The popular party cup made of plastic is given a funny and sustainable memorial with this bend glass . Real plastic drinking glasses, on the other hand, come from the Bodum company, whose double-walled Canteen Outdoor glasses are perfect for keeping cool or warm. The lightweight drinking glasses in a set of six cups are also a practical gift for camping fans.

Also consider the capacity
Do you like to drink spritzers or mix a long drink now and then? Then large drinking glasses are a good solution. A solid and heavy drinking glass with a capacity of almost 500 ml is the decorative mouth-blown long drink glass by Normann Copenhagen from the glass series of designer Rikke Hagen. The credo of this Danish design company is to break design rules and find new connections between form and material. If you are looking for small drinking glasses in an original shape, you will surely like the Perfection drinking glasses from Holmegaard . With their 150 ml capacity, they fit ideally on the perfectly set table, as they take up little space. They can easily be placed above the plate to the right of dessert, red and white wine glasses. By the way, the taste of white wine is better preserved in a small glass, while the stronger red wine aroma is optimally developed in a large bulbous drinking glass.

The design: from modern simple to fancy
The timeless and always modern design of Iittala glasses means consistency and durability of the proven collections. Thanks to the Nordic restrained design, the popular glasses are easy to combine; many of the beautiful drinking glasses can be stacked to save space. Those who prefer a secure grip should choose drinking glasses that fit well in the hand: The glass tumblers of the Aino Aalto series have a classic shape and are available in several colors. High-quality retro drinking glasses include the extensive Ultima Thule collection. You want to know more about available accessories of this successful Iittala glasses Our service staff will advise you competently if you want to buy accessories to your drinking glasses! Perhaps you are looking for rather fancy drinking glasses? Then a mouth-blown crystal glass of the Air Sense collection from Zwiesel 1872 is certainly the right thing. Noble shine distinguishes the transparent glass with the characteristic ball - an original optical highlight in excellent quality!

What is the best way to clean drinking glasses?
If you love your glasses, you should follow the manufacturer's instructions for care. Since most drinking glasses are dishwasher safe, cleaning is effortless. However, the softener must be set correctly to avoid visible limescale stains. If stains do appear, lemon juice or white vinegar will help. When rinsing by hand, soft brushes for deep glasses help. Water that is too hot for long periods can lead to glass corrosion in less heat-resistant glasses; the drinking glasses then remain permanently cloudy. Contact with other glasses or metal can also eventually cause unsightly scratches. If you have any questions about the quality of glass you want, please contact our staff. Good drinking glasses you buy at Connox quite uncomplicated!

For what price you get beautiful drinking glasses?
Individual pieces for the basic set often cost less than ten euros - drinking glasses in a set are even a times cheaper than buying individual drinking glasses. Depending on the manufacturer, sets of 2, 4 or 6 are offered. In the good price middle lie for example gift sets for wine lovers, consisting of Dekantierausgießer and vacuum lock or the Retro drinking glasses of the co-ordinated Royal sets of Holmegaard . Noble specimens such as the Hommage Comète whisky set from Zwiesel 1872 belonging to an entire collection cost a little more. Whatever you decide: Here you buy beautiful drinking glasses from the specialist for upscale table culture!

Connox - your advantages at a glance

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You want to buy drinking glasses online but need assistance? Feel free to contact our customer service at any time. We are here to help you with your purchase with words and deeds, give recommendations and can quickly clarify questions. Let us conveniently deliver your desired item directly to your home.