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Black + Blum - Box Appetit Eau Good Black + Blum - Box Appetit Eau Good from €25.95 *Black + Blum - Box Appetit Water Bottle Black + Blum - Box Appetit Water Bottle from €14.95 *Eva Solo - Drinking Bottle Eva Solo - Drinking Bottle from €24.95 *Lifefactory - Glass Bottle 0.6 l Lifefactory - Glass Bottle 0.6 l from €26.99 *Lego - Drinking Bottle Lego - Drinking Bottle from €11.95 * 4 von 524Bottles - Urban Bottle 24Bottles - Urban Bottle from €19.90 *Jospeh Joseph - Dot Water Bottle Jospeh Joseph - Dot Water Bottle from €11.99 *DNS Design - Waterbelt DNS Design - Waterbelt from €9.90 *Sigg - Hot & Cold Glass WMB Sigg - Hot & Cold Glass WMB from €29.95 *Lifefactory - Glass Bottle 0.6 l with Flip Top Cap Lifefactory - Glass Bottle 0.6 l with Flip Top Cap from €29.99 *Design Letters - Bottle A - Z Design Letters - Bottle A - Z from €20.00 * 4 von 5Sigg - Traveller Bottle Sigg - Traveller Bottle from €16.95 *Sigg - CYD Pure White bottle Sigg - CYD Pure White bottle from €19.95 *Sigg - Hot & Cold ONE Brushed Thermos Bottles Sigg - Hot & Cold ONE Brushed Thermos Bottles from €24.95 *Sigg - Hot & Cold ONE Accent Colors Thermo Bottle Sigg - Hot & Cold ONE Accent Colors Thermo Bottle from €24.95 *Sigg - Hot & Cold Thermo Bottles Sigg - Hot & Cold Thermo Bottles from €24.95 *Sigg - Kids Bottles Sigg - Kids Bottles from €18.95 *Rig-Tig by Stelton - Keep-It Cool Water Bottle Rig-Tig by Stelton - Keep-It Cool Water Bottle €29.99 *Esbit - Vaccum Flask Esbit - Vaccum Flask from €22.95 *SIGG - WMB Sports SIGG - WMB Sports from €21.95 *Sigg - NAT SIGGnificant 1.0 l Sigg - NAT SIGGnificant 1.0 l from €22.95 *Lifefactory - glass bottle 0.6 l with Straw Cap Lifefactory - glass bottle 0.6 l with Straw Cap €29.99 *Sigg - Hot & Cold Accent Colors Thermo Bottles Sigg - Hot & Cold Accent Colors Thermo Bottles from €24.95 *Sigg - Viva WMB One Sigg - Viva WMB One from €13.95 *Black + Blum - Box Appetit Vacuum Insulated Bottle Black + Blum - Box Appetit Vacuum Insulated Bottle €29.95 *Pantone Universe - Drinking Bottle Tritan Pantone Universe - Drinking Bottle Tritan from €14.95 *Sigg - DYN Bottle Sigg - DYN Bottle from €17.95 *Sigg - VIVA Bottles Sigg - VIVA Bottles from €15.95 *Sigg - Kids Bottles Disney Sigg - Kids Bottles Disney from €19.95 *24Bottles - Stone Finish 0.5 l 24Bottles - Stone Finish 0.5 l from €24.90 *Lifefactory - Café Collection 475 ml Lifefactory - Café Collection 475 ml from €34.99 *Stelton - Circle Water Bottle Stelton - Circle Water Bottle €24.95 *

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24Bottles - Steel Life Edition

The Water Bottle – Fit and Healthy Through Daily Live

Drinking sufficiently is important. The daily recommendation is 2.5 litres and considerably more on hot days. But not everyone finds it easy to drink this amount. Often, we simply forget. And it’s no use to drink a litre at once. The body cannot use excess liquid. Therefore: Drink throughout the course of the day. This is much easier with a water bottle.

Water Bottles in the Home Design Shop – Your Benefits

Healthy Drinks for Hot Days

Cold Tea: Fruity tea is the perfect drink for warm days. Whether at work, school or the gym – it is your ideal companion and contains no sugar. Prepare the tea the night before and let it cool down overnight.
Ginger Cucumber Water: Although it may sound strange at first, this is the trend drink in New York. Simply add some slices to your water and you’re done. By the way, the drink looks especially good in the transparent plastic water bottle by Eva Solo.
Smoothies: Smoothies are small energy boosters. Especially green smoothies - juice of purreed fruit and green vegetables, provide energy for the whole day. The power drinks are best stored in a vacuum flask. The Sigg Hot & Cold vacuum flask has a thermic capacity up to 30 hours. It is available in the small 0.3 litre variant as well as in larger variants such as the 750 ml bottle. The double-wall water bottle by Sigg is made of stainless steel and it is dishwasher-safe and leak-proof.

Water Bottles – Café Feelings for Outdoor Lovers

Drinking is especially important during long bike or hiking trips. Cafés for breaks are rare. Therefore, nature’s friends must care for themselves. Outdoor water bottles have to be especially robust. Not all bottles are suitable. The Eau Good bottle by Black und Bloom brings joy to nature lovers. With this bottle, you can enjoy clean water anywhere and anytime. This is realised with the activated coal rod in the bottle. Binchotan active coal has been used to clean water in Japan since the 17th century. Is lasts for up to six months. The Eau Good Bottle has an elegant lid made of cork and is BPA-free. Transporting the water bottle is especially practical with the bottle holder Waterbelt by DNS Design. The belt is adjustable and is therefore even suitable for children.

For Your Health – BPA-Free Water Bottles

What is BPA? And why is it bad? What primarily used to interest mothers is now a sign of quality: BPA-free. BPA od bisphenol A is a necessary component for producing PC plastic. The problem: Over time, the BPA is released from the plastic and goes into foods and then into your body. Researchers have found that BPA exposure can lead to diabetes, heart damage, disruptions of the endocrine system and the brain as well as an increased risk of cancer. These risks are especially high for children. Therefore, Connox pays particular attention to BPA-free children’s water bottles. The Be urban Be green Edition water bottle by 24Bottles is made of 18/8 stainless steel, which has benefits. It is robust, hygienic, easy to clean, sustainable and saves CO2. And of course, it is BPA-free.

Want to purchase your BPA-free water bottle online? Let us deliver it comfortably to your home within a few workdays!

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