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Colander & Sieves

The sieve - indispensable for every household.

Kitchen sieves are indispensable in the kitchen. Draining salad, pasta or rice or cooking tea - none of this would be possible without the sieve. Strainers or colanders are made of a wide variety of materials: Plastic, stainless steel, melamine or silicone. They fulfill almost every task and in most cases can be cleaned in the dishwasher after use. Find your favorite!

The colander in the Wohndesign store - your advantages at a glance

Strainer and colander - here you are needed

Sieves are much more than just a draining instrument. They are also a popular utensil in Christmas baking. Dusting powdered sugar or sifting flour finely - a sieve with fine holes is perfect for these tasks. The kitchen utensil also comes into its own when making raspberry sauce. Nothing frees fruit puree from small seeds better. A special tip: A colorful sieve is a nice way to showcase your fruit in the kitchen.

Strainers: these variants embellish your everyday kitchen life

The classic - colander with handles: The classic colander has a diameter of about 20 centimeters. This makes it the perfect complement to a conventional cooking pot. On the sides are either handles or a folded edge, in which it is easy to grasp without burning your fingers on the hot steam.

The straining spoon - draining and portioning: Sieve spoons are an insider's tip for dumplings, tortellini and the like. With a sieve spoon, you can remove the pasta from the water in small portions and drain it at the same time. In this way, the remaining quantity remains warm. Especially practical: a sieve spoon can also be used to quench breakfast eggs, for example. The Joseph Joseph Scoop Colander sieve scoop fulfills all these functions in no time and can be conveniently cleaned in the dishwasher after use.

Colander and bowl combo: When cooking pasta, there is more washing up than one would like: the pot in which the pasta was cooked, the colander in which it was drained and finally the bowl in which it was served. This is where the manufacturer Room Copenhagen comes in with its Colander colander . It can be used not only as a kitchen colander, but also as a serving bowl: with a simple tap of the finger, the colander becomes a bowl. This is made possible by the two-part design: on one side there are the holes at the bottom of the colander as usual, and on the other there is a closed surface. A bend in the middle of the colander allows the two halves to be used separately.

Pointed sieve with a difference: A pointed sieve is a sieve with a pyramid-like shape. It is used for straining sauces or soups and for quick reheating or quenching. Alessi has reinterpreted the kitchen utensil without losing its functionality. The design of Max le chinois drainer resembles the famous Alessi lemon squeezer - postmodern, unmissable, aesthetic and sophisticated.

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