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Italian design tradition par excellence! Since 1921 - the foundation year of the foundry and metall work station by Giovanni Alessi Anghin - exists the business Alessi.

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Alessi – Italian design tradition

Since 1921 - the foundation year of the foundry and metal factory of Giovanni Alessi Anghin - exists the company Alessi in Italy. In 1932 Giovannis son Carlo joined the company as a designer. At this time, Alessi moved from handicraft origins in favour of industrial production.
Already in the 50ies, international hotels, restaurants and airlines have been supplied with high quality metal products, like bread baskets, sugar bowls and fruit bowls. Designs such as the bread basket 826 (1948) or the sugar bowl 104 (1956), which are design classics today, arose at that time.

Alessi Collections

The name Alessi comprises three big brands, which aren’t independent identities, but three very different expressions of the corporate identity:

Alessi Logo


The brand Alessi titles the assortment of the most selected, big industrialized products for household goods, regarding quality and design. Some of the products are the legendary citrus press Salif by Philippe Starck or the popular Brillo bathroom series by Piero Lissoni.

Alessi Logo

A di Alessi

This brand characterizes products of the “democratic design” – the best design for affordable prices. Besides colourful collections such as Banana or Paradise Birds by Stefano Giovannoni, there are also some original Christmas figures by Massimo Giacon, Marcello Jori or Laura Polinoro among others.

Alessi Logo

Officina Alessi

Officina Alessi represents exclusive, experimental and innovative design products. Also affordable but a bit more exquisite, being mostly produced with a small number of copies or even in limited editions. Sophisticated architects and designers such as Richard Sapper or Aldo Rossi design some of the rare products of the noble collection.

Besides those three brands there are also some more collections made by Alessi, with products for other fields than housekeeping:

Alessi Watches

Alessi Watches

Alessi and the watches manufacturer Seiko produce a collection of watches together since 2002, enlarging it continuously. Some internationally recognized designers are responsible for some of those watches, mirroring the individual style and methods in an unmistakable Alessi character.

Alessi Lux

Alessi Lux

AlessiLux is a common project of the Netherlands lamps specialist Foreverlamp with the Italian design smithy Alessi. The cooperation represents modern lamps in a retro look. The AlessiLux used energy efficiency LED technology allows a design, which reminds of lamps but is still something different. Moreover it is extremely environment friendly.

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