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Design kitchen helpers - how to find the right model for your home

If you want to let off steam in the kitchen, you can't do without kitchen helpers. Whether for cooking or keeping order: The practical helpers facilitate - as the name already suggests - the everyday kitchen life. Their use not only saves time, but often also nerves. For more cooking pleasure and a relaxed get-together in the kitchen. You too can find your favourite.

The PeelStore peeler with waste tray from Joseph Joseph ensures cleanliness when peeling.
  1. The most popular kitchen gadgets: cooking, roasting and grilling, baking
  2. Tidy helpers for a tidy kitchen
  3. Sets and all-rounders
  4. The right material
  5. Conclusion

1. The most popular kitchen gadgets: cooking, frying and grilling, baking

Which kitchen gadget best supports you in preparing delicious dishes depends primarily on the preparation method.

Frying and grilling:
As the name suggests, a turner (1) is the easiest way to turn food. It also helps to prevent food from burning and makes it easy to remove. Whether in the kitchen or at the grill - Kitchen tongs (2) are a practical extension of the hand and make turning and serving easier. If you are more drawn to the barbecue, you can't do without the specially designed barbecue sets (3) and meat thermometers (4).

Kitchen gadgets roast

When stirring is required, the spoon (1) is the best helper. It often comes with a tip or hole for leftovers, which ensures particularly low resistance when stirring. A slotted spoon (2) enables food to be skimmed and drained quickly and efficiently directly from pans, pots and ovens. The whisk (3) (also whisk or whisk) is suitable for mixing ingredients evenly, folding in air or whipping liquid until frothy.

Kitchen gadgets cooking

A potato masher (4) mashes hard potatoes with ease. A grater or multishredder (5) lets you grate, rasp, slice or shred. For thin removal, a peeler will help. This also often has a small tip to cut out unwanted parts.

Tri-Peeler Peeler with three blades by Joseph Joseph

Baking can be made easier with lots of little helpers. Whether it's a dough scraper (1), dough roller (2), baking mat (3) or measuring cup (4) - with this support, a dough is prepared in no time. You can find many more baking utensils here:

Kitchen gadgets baking

Also Kitchen Knives can be divided into different categories and you will find a large selection of high quality kitchen knives here in the Connox shop. Bread knives are characterized by a special wave cut as well as sharp edges, which requires less effort. For fruit and vegetables paring knives are the right choice. In knife sets all kinds of kitchen knives are combined.

Ron knife block with Ron knives from Berghoff

In addition, cutting boards are also important kitchen aids, which are distinguished above all by various materials and features - made of wood, plastic or additional extras. You can find them in our shop Cutting board, wooden board & Co.

2. Tidy helpers for a tidy kitchen

Not only for cooking, but also for everything around it, there are some practical kitchen helpers that help to keep your kitchen tidy.

The DoorStore dishwasher organiser from Joseph Joseph hidden in the kitchen cupboard

After cooking, the dirty dishes also need to be cleaned up again, which requires a dishwashing sponge, rag and dishwashing brush. These can then be stored in the dishwasher organiser, which often comes with holes so that the water can drain away and ensure hygienic drying.

Kitchen bar incl. 6 hooks by ferm Living in black

In storage bins you can collect your kitchen gadgets in an orderly manner and store them safely so that they are always quickly at hand. A suspension is also practical if there is not so much space available. Here you can easily hang up kitchen gadgets and have them ready when you need them.

3. Practical kitchen aid sets and all-rounders

Kitchen gadgets are often available in practical, ready-to-use sets so that you are prepared for any use. For example, a set can consist of frying pans, spoons, ladles and tongs. The other option is to put together your own set. This is especially suitable with the whole range of products of one brand. In addition, there are also multifunctional kitchen helpers, such as the square slicers, which can be used in many ways and thus save space.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "When cooking and frying, things often have to move fast. So place cooking spoons, spatulas and the like in a utensil holder within easy reach near the hob. That way you can react quickly. To make sure you're well equipped, it's also a good idea to have several cooking spoons and turners in different designs, on the one hand to save yourself the hassle of washing up while cooking and, on the other, to always have the right tool for the preparation at hand." - Viktoria, home expert

4. The right kitchen gadget material

In order to enjoy your kitchen gadgets for a long time, it is advisable to pay attention to the following characteristics when buying them:

Sustainability/durability: Among other things, stainless steel is a particularly good choice here, as it does not tend to rust and is therefore durable, stable and robust. Kitchen gadgets made of wood are also a good choice, as they are antibacterial, easy to clean as well as durable and odourless, e.g. with teak or walnut wood.

Models made of plastic have the great advantage of being dishwasher safe, easy to clean and recyclable. Silicone is also particularly easy to clean and is also heat-resistant.

Food-safe: Here it is important that the material is harmless and has no odour or taste effect on food.

Material advantages: Depending on personal preferences, it is worth paying particular attention to special material advantages of kitchen utensils, e.g. that they are gentle on pans and pots or dishwasher safe.

Paquet Clips from Hay in light blue

5. Conclusion: what to look for when buying kitchen gadgets

  • From turners and spoons to whisks, graters and peelers, kitchen knives and cutting boards - the selection of kitchen gadgets is large and depends primarily on the type of preparation.
  • For extra order in the kitchen, dish organizers for washing utensils as well as storage containers or hangers for practical kitchen gadgets storage.
  • You have the option of buying kitchen gadgets in ready-made sets. If you prefer to assemble your own set, it is recommended to rely on products of a series.
  • Whether kitchen helpers are made of silicone, stainless steel, wood or plastic - each material has its own advantages. But what every kitchen gadget material should bring along is durability and food-safety.

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