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Design wall lamps - how to find the right model for your home

  1. Models and flexibility
  2. Mounting variety
  3. Installation height and light diffusion
  4. Light color and illuminant
  5. Conclusion

1. Wall luminaires: Models and flexibility

Wall lights: Models and flexibility

Estiluz - Circ LED wall lamp | Louis Poulsen - Yuh wall lamp LED | AYTM - Luceo wall lamp | KAISER idell - 6718 scissor lamp

Depending on where your wall sconce is to be used, there are several types that come into question: For general lighting, models with a fairly large illuminated surface are particularly suitable (1), creating a cozy indirect or diffused light. A big plus here also have dimmable copies to adjust the light intensity to the respective atmosphere.

Models that provide direct light, have swivel arms or joints and thus offer maximum flexibility in the adjustment of the luminaire and the luminaire head are ideal as task or reading lights (4). A flexible luminaire head can also be rotated away from the wall or ceiling so that it can be used as a beam surface to complement the general lighting.

For accent lighting, a model that creates direct light and has a swiveling head for fine adjustment, such as when reading or illuminating pictures, shelves, kitchen counters or the like, is recommended (3).

The perfect wall lamp for your bedroom for reading or lighting next to the bed provides direct light and is infinitely adjustable in height - depending on the use and according to the height of the user (2).

"A wall lamp can be a compelling alternative to a floor lamp in small rooms. Mounted on the wall next to the sofa and equipped with swivel arms, it can radiantly handle any task, from reading to atmospheric light, while not taking up precious floor space." - Viktoria, interior design expert

Mounting versatility

DCW - Mantis BS5 Wall Lamp | Fatboy - Add the Wally Wall Lamp | Flos - Foglio Wall Lamp | Louis Poulsen - AJ Wall Lamp

According to the conditions in the room and the desired use, there are different installation options of wall lights: If there is a light outlet in the wall, you can either directly install wall lights with a switch on the luminaire (1) or luminaires with a separate switch, e.g. at the room entrance (3).

With a cordless

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Wall lights: Mounting
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cordless wall light (2), which has a separate charging principle, you have absolutely free choice of location and are not tied to light outlets or sockets.

Other wall lights with switches (4) come with a plug-in cable. In these models, the switch is placed either on the cable or on the luminaire. Here, too, you have free choice of space, which is limited only by a required socket.

Wall lights: various connection options

By the way, many designer wall lights are offered with different connection options, so you do not have to be limited by the space. Combined Wall-ceiling lamps or Wall table lamps allow not only flexible installation, but also flexible use.

3. Installation height and light diffusion of wall luminaires

Wall luminaires: Installation height and light diffusion

The mounting height basically depends on three factors: the use - from general lighting to accent lighting, the choice of place - is something in front of or hanging next to it - and the luminaire itself in terms of mobility and light diffusion.

In the case of a wall luminaire that provides indirect light and serves as general lighting, the installation height is based on the choice of location. In the case of a room height of 3 m and more, the proportions of the golden section can be used to determine the appropriate height.

This rule also applies to combined light, i.e. a mixture of direct and indirect light. However, if the direct light is to illuminate something specific, such as a picture, the mounting height is based directly on this.

In the case of wall luminaires with direct light, which is intended to illuminate a room in a hallway or entrance area, for example, it is advisable to ensure that the mounting height does not cause glare. Thus, it should be mounted either slightly above eye level or, in the case of adjustable and flexible models, slightly higher than your own height.

4. Light color and illuminant

PUK Pendant lights

Decisive when buying a wall lamp for indoors or outdoors are also the light color as well as the illuminant: While it is recommended to use cold light as much as possible for reading and working, because it is most similar to daylight and promotes concentration, warm white light is the right choice for relaxing, as mood lighting or in the bedroom, because it helps to relax and promotes a cozy atmosphere.

Most wall lights, regardless of the possibility of dimming, you can freely choose between these three types of light: LEDs , halogen or classic incandescent lamps. There are some LED wall lights in which the LEDs are already permanently installed. This is due to the fact that they last from 1 5. 000 to 50,000 hours, which means that their service life is from 14 to 45 years when used for three hours a day.

Conclusion - this is what you should consider when buying a design wall lamp

  • For general lighting, models that create indirect light and are also dimmable are perfect.
  • For reading or working, wall lamps with direct light are recommended, which are also maximally flexible in their settings and have swiveling arms or joints.
  • As a night lamp are suitable copies with direct light. If these have a swiveling head, they can also be used well as accent lighting. If they are continuously adjustable in height, they are also suitable as a reading lamp.
  • Many wall lights are offered with different connection options. The most common requires a light outlet in the wall. In contrast, you have a free choice of location with rechargeable wall lights or wall lights with a plug-in cable.
  • The mounting height depends on the use, the choice of location and the luminaire itself in terms of light diffusion and mobility. As a guideline for the height, you can start from your own height.
  • With most wall lights, you can choose between LEDs, halogens or classic bulbs. A particularly practical model is a wall lamp with LEDs, where the light source, which lasts for decades, is already built in.
  • The atmosphere in the room can be strongly influenced by the color of the light: while cold white light is just right for promoting concentration, neutral and warm white light sources create a cozy mood in the living or sleeping area.

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