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Jugs and Carafes: How to Serve Drinks Stylishly

Serving is an art. Especially for festive occasions, a stylish table decoration is essential and just as important as the food and drinks themselves. To serve the latter you need a carafe or jug. It does not matter if you would like to serve water, coffee, wine or lemonade. Explore a broad selection of decanters, pitchers, jugs and carafes and buy safely online!

Carafes, Decanters, Jugs, Pitchers: Diverse Variations

Carafes, Water Jugs: In the Southern European countries carafes belong to the basic equipment of every dining table, they still find relatively little attention in a lot of other parts of the world. Those jugs are characterized by a slightly bellied lower part and a long narrow neck. In contrast to a conventional water bottle from the food store, it has the great advantage that it can be filled in addition to the water itself, with ice cubes or flavor enhancing ingredients such as strawberries. The Water Carafe with a lid made of stainless steel by Menu is designed to fit into any conventional refrigerator. With the intelligent clip closure, the lid opens automatically when pouring. Ice cubes, mint and lemons remain safely in the carafe.

Decanter, Wine Carafe: The aroma of wine unfolds in contact with air. Old but also young wines benefit from the so-called "breathing". However, it is not enough to open the wine bottle and leave it for some time. The ventilated surface is too small. A wine decanter, on the other hand, has a bulbous shape. This ensures sufficient contact of the air with the wine's surface. The Wine Decanter of Iittala offers sufficient space for your wine to unfold its full bouquet. Used as a white wine or red wine carafe, it will make a high-quality eye-catcher as well - giving your party table a classic look.

Pitcher, jug: A glass jug is not only suitable for serving hot and cold drinks. It is also a refined way to serve smaller dishes, such as soups or desserts. The Juice Jug by Jenaer Glas is heat resistant up to 450 degrees Celsius and the insensitive borosilicate glass does not emit any substances and is therefore ideal for allergy sufferers.

If you want to read about good recipes for water enriched with fruits and herbs or the proper decanting of wine read on here!

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