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Maria Berntsen

Maria Berntsen

”Designing is communicating – and a successful design is always easy to understand”. “Designing a quality product is optimizing its form and function through the detail”.

”We are always aware of quality, and I use this intuitive sense when creating new designs”.

For Maria Berntsen design means to accept emotions, handle them and incorporate them into the forms. The computer can only be an aid to give the perfect form to a good spadework. She attaches great importance to the requirement that her products have to touch the users’ senses. Shapes have to accommodate with the human constitution and at the same time, look attractive for the people.

Within a technical apprenticeship at the National Workshops for Art and Handicraft, Maria Berntsen got her knowledge and her skills; her theoretical abilities result from the study in art history at the National University. She thinks a lot about intuition and learning processes during her study and during work. She is glad about her own spontaneity that allows her to deal that intuitively with new products. Maria Berntsen says also that, even in her case, the shaping of a product is closely related to the personal development and reflects the inner values. The product designer has been working independently since 1992. In her design office in Denmark, she creates furniture designs, lights and items for daily use. Besides the leading position in the design office, Maria Berntsen has been teaching at the Danish School of Design.

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