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Get fascinated by the power of fire! As one of the four elements it inspires and fascinates people since the beginning. Take your time and enjoy the nature spectacle in cozy company with friends or alone with a glass of wine or a good book.

To feel comfortable at home has new demands. Suddenly fireplaces are part of the desired equipment of every home. But what should you do, if there is no connection to a chimney? And if the offer of the professional doesn’t fit your furnishing? These demands were the initiators for new mobile chimney concepts based on bio ethanol or burning gel.

On firm ground or on the water, in sleeping rooms, bathrooms or living rooms. Burning gel or bio ethanol make it possible, ensuring blazing flames even without a real chimney. The second advantage: The reduced forms suit every taste and interior optimally.

General suggestions:
- The gel or the bio ethanol chimneys are free from fire protection regulations and can also be assembled everywhere in the house without a chimney connection
- The manufacturers suggest the usage of burning gels or also common burning liquids for alcohol fire
- Monumental fireplaces spread a pleasant radiation warmth, but are not suitable as heaters
- Please keep in mind to enter a bit of fresh air e. g. by means of opening a window, during the burning time – since the chimney fire withdraws as much oxygen to the surrounding as about 2 – 3 middle-sized candles

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