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Storage baskets

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How to find the right storage basket for your home

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  2. baskets with special functions
  3. material
  4. Baskets as stylistic
  5. conclusion

1. Basket types - various possible uses

Storage baskets found everywhere use where a collection of things on a regular basis is used. The baskets and their contents should be quickly at hand. Storage baskets usually have handles with which the contents of the basket can be easily transported.

Basket for firewood : A basket with handles is always at hand next to the fireplace in the living room to get firewood.

Laundry baskets : Storage make dirty laundry disappear and create a tidy impression.

Storage baskets - diverse uses

Storage basket for the children's room : Various smaller baskets are available to sort things thematically. Children can independently store their toys in baskets and separate Lego, building blocks and balls accordingly.

Classic decoration and design basket : Baskets cannot be had enough, because they help to keep order. Baskets serve as an organizer at the workplace, are a storage place for creams, brushes and make-up utensils in the bathroom and in the kitchen, for example, they store spices or other dry food.

Interior design expert Kerstin Reilemann profile picture“I use my baskets again and again, so they stay tidy. In winter, gloves and hats are kept within easy reach in the hallway. In summer, the basket contains all sorts of practical things for outdoors - the sunglasses, sunscreen, the towel and the water bottle are on hand when you go out. " - Kerstin, interior

Shopping basket : In contrast to a shopping bag, sensitive foods such as fruit or eggs are practically placed next to each other in a shopping basket so that they are not damaged.

Tip: "Be creative when using it! If you repurpose your storage baskets, some of them can be used as flower pots, shopping and picnic baskets will become a cozy storage place at home, or you can build a bed out of a basket for your. " - Kerstin, furnishing

2. Baskets with special functions

The Wire Basket by ferm Living is more than a basket, because it is expanded with the matching table top to provide an additional storage space.

A storage bag with handle serves as storage space for linen bags for shopping or becomes a shopping bag or a picnic basket to take away.

Special storage baskets

1. ferm living - Wire Basket, ferm Living - Wire Basket Top | 2. ferm Living - Chambray basket | 3. Hay - Color folding box | 4. Korbo - Bin 18 wire basket, Korbo - Bin Hanger

There are baskets stackable collapsible or are. If these are not used permanently, they can be stored on the shelf save space.

The Classic 65 from Korbo is multifunctional. This is available with practical accessories: a hanging device for the wall, a insert plate for the floor or a .

3. The right material

In addition to the location and frequency of transport, the nature of the basket should also be taken into account.

If you want to store an expensive woolen blanket in a basket next to the sofa, you should make sure that the basket cannot pull threads.

The laundry basket and the basket for firewood should stable Henkel have that are not changed during repeated round hertragen tear. In addition, they should not lose small parts and leave no traces when sanding over the floor. Closed baskets made of felt, for example, are suitable for this.

Easy care are baskets made of plastic or other synthetic fibers. In the bathroom they offer towels and cosmetics a place.

Storage baskets made of fabric, felt, seaweed or metal

1. Bloomingville - Seagrass Basket | 2. House Doctor - Storage Stripes | 3. Hay - Trinkets Utensil Basket | 4. Iittala - Meno Bags

In addition, the material of the basket affects not only the function, but also the visual impression. Wicker made from seagrass, but also plastic or wire come into their own and are robust at the same time. Felt and wood look natural, homely and harmonious.

4. Baskets as a decorative stylistic device

Design baskets are not only practical, they are also beautiful and decorative. Whether in classic style for the living room or playful for the children's room, stylish accents can be set with baskets.

The material should go well with the furnishings. Here the question arises, should it be more natural and reserved or should it be a strong accent. In addition to the material, attention should also be paid to color and shape so that the storage basket fits into the living environment.

The right shape results from what is to be kept, but also from the language of forms that your institution takes up. Some manufacturers offer baskets in countless colors and sizes, these can be put together in special combinations.

Things that should not be left open on the table or on the shelf disappear in the baskets and the room appears tidy. Baskets ensure a neat, uniform and even look. They bring structure to wardrobes and open shelves.

5. Conclusion - you may notice a storage basket when buying online

  • First consider in which room and for what purpose the storage basket is used
  • When it comes to the material, make sure that small parts such as toys or wood do not fall out of the basket or sensitive fabrics such as woolen blankets cannot pull threads when stored on the basket.
  • Some baskets come with extras such as a hanging device, table top or handles. Boxes that can be stacked or folded together are particularly space-saving.
  • Design baskets in different sizes, colors and shapes can be beautifully combined and set stylish accents.

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