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In the year 2001, launched by Marcel Wanders, Casper Vissers, and Hans Lensvelt, the Moooi collection quickly became the flagship of contemporary Dutch design.

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Moooi - Random Light Pendant Light Moooi - Random Light Pendant Light from €526.00 *Moooi - Rabbit Lamp Moooi - Rabbit Lamp €446.50 *Moooi - Blow Away Vase Moooi - Blow Away Vase €877.00 *Moooi - Raimond Pendant Lamp Moooi - Raimond Pendant Lamp €2,350.50 *Moooi - Clusterlamp Moooi - Clusterlamp €308.50 *Moooi - Little Bold Candleholder Moooi - Little Bold Candleholder €298.90 *Moooi - Dandelion floor lamp Moooi - Dandelion floor lamp €2,499.00 *Moooi - Dandelion pendant light Moooi - Dandelion pendant light €2,232.50 *Moooi - Dear Ingo pendant light Moooi - Dear Ingo pendant light €2,884.90 *Moooi - Horse Lamp Moooi - Horse Lamp €4,714.90 *Moooi - Pig Table Moooi - Pig Table €2,118.50 *Moooi - Egg Vase -25% Moooi - Egg Vase from RRP €122.90 €92.10 *Moooi - Light Shade Shade Floor Lamp Moooi - Light Shade Shade Floor Lamp €1,808.90 *Moooi - Non Random Pendant Lamp Moooi - Non Random Pendant Lamp €542.90 *Moooi - Double Shade Floor Lamp Moooi - Double Shade Floor Lamp €698.50 *Moooi - Smoke Chandelier Moooi - Smoke Chandelier €991.50 *Moooi - Round Boon Pendant Lamp Moooi - Round Boon Pendant Lamp €1,141.50 *Moooi - Elements Side Table Moooi - Elements Side Table €904.50 *Moooi - Big Bold Candleholder Moooi - Big Bold Candleholder €915.10 *Moooi - Frame Mirror Moooi - Frame Mirror €2,591.90 *Moooi - Paper Wall Mirror Moooi - Paper Wall Mirror €1,041.50 *Moooi - Crochet Side Table Moooi - Crochet Side Table €1,299.50 *Moooi - Smoke Armchair Moooi - Smoke Armchair €3,987.90 *Moooi - V.I.P. Chair Moooi - V.I.P. Chair €1,845.90 *Moooi - Brave New World Lamp Moooi - Brave New World Lamp €3,308.50 *Moooi - Heracleum II Pendant Lamp Moooi - Heracleum II Pendant Lamp from €2,841.90 *Moooi - Heracleum II Small Pendant Lamp Moooi - Heracleum II Small Pendant Lamp from €2,000.50 *Moooi - Heracleum Small Big O Pendant Lamp Moooi - Heracleum Small Big O Pendant Lamp from €7,037.90 *Moooi - Random Light LED Suspension Lamp Moooi - Random Light LED Suspension Lamp from €697.50 *Moooi - Raimond Zafu Suspension Lamp -27% Moooi - Raimond Zafu Suspension Lamp from RRP €3,377.50 €2,473.00 *Moooi - Raimond Dome 79 Pendant Lamp Moooi - Raimond Dome 79 Pendant Lamp €2,495.50 *Moooi - Salago Suspension Lamp -26% Moooi - Salago Suspension Lamp from RRP €748.50 €552.00 *Moooi - Woood Desk Moooi - Woood Desk €1,513.90 *Moooi - Chess Table Moooi - Chess Table €881.90 *Moooi - Nut Dining Chair Moooi - Nut Dining Chair €897.50 *Moooi - Zio Lounge Chair Moooi - Zio Lounge Chair €1,266.50 *

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The Dutch design brand Moooi was founded by Marcel (art director) in 200, along with Casper Vissers (managing director), and Hans Lensvelt (production manager).

In Dutch "mooi" (with two "O") means beautiful - Moooi thus means "extra nice" (with three "O"). The young design company gathered in its collection both works by well-known names and talents in the Dutch design scene, such as Joep van Lieshout, Edward van Vliet, or Bertjan Pot, as well as international designers, such as Jasper Morrison and Ross Lovegrove.

The Moooi collection primarily focuses on the area of lighting and furniture. The most unusual and most famous designs have been personally penned by Marcel Wanders, the art director. From the crooked Ming ceramic vase, to the horse lamp and rabbit lamp, the diffusor of which is carried by a life-sized horse or rabbit, to the padded and clumsily-acting V.I.P.

Chair, all Moooi products offer a moment of surprise and aim to cause a certain effect. Also, the production of many Moooi products is as exceptional as their appearance. The shape of Spongevase, for example, is taken from a natural sponge, its fingerprint - in a process developed especially by Wanders - set in porcelain, makes each individual vase unique. Overall, Moooi embodies the Dutch design style like hardly any other company. A look at the long list of people associated with the company shows how Moooi can reap the rich rewards that thrive in the greenhouse of Dutch design, architecture, and the art scene.

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