Fruit Bowls

Of course, a fruit bowl should serve its purpose. It is supposed to reliably store any kind of fruit. But at the same time it also has to look good. If it combines function and design, it is an excellent optical highlight on the dining table. It looks good on the sideboard in the living room and it cuts a good figure in the kitchen. A modern fruit bowl made of stainless steel or glass doesn’t just store bananas and apples, but it is a functional object with the potential to be an eye-catcher. This is what the designs of all the great international designers from all over Europe, for example Alessi, Muuto or Menu, have in common.

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Vitra - Rotary Tray  Vitra - Rotary Tray from €47.00 * 4.67 von 5Stelton - Embrace Fruit Basket  Stelton - Embrace Fruit Basket €109.00 *Stelton - Kontra Fruit and Salad Bowl  Stelton - Kontra Fruit and Salad Bowl €174.95 * 5 von 5Stelton - Embrace Fruits Basket - Medium Stelton - Embrace Fruits Basket - Medium €94.95 *Philippi - Mesh Bowl Philippi - Mesh Bowl from €22.90 *by Lassen - Kubus Bowl by Lassen - Kubus Bowl from €135.00 *Menu - Norm Wire Bowl Menu - Norm Wire Bowl from €49.95 * 5 von 5Holmegaard - Design With Light Glass Bowl Holmegaard - Design With Light Glass Bowl from €29.95 *Black + Blum - Fruit Loop Black + Blum - Fruit Loop €45.00 *side by side - Fruit Bowl Oh Lá Lá side by side - Fruit Bowl Oh Lá Lá €45.00 *Iittala - Ultima Thule Bowls Iittala - Ultima Thule Bowls from €14.98 *Alessi - Dear Charlie Banana Holder Alessi - Dear Charlie Banana Holder €80.00 * 5 von 5Holmegaard - Selandia -39% Holmegaard - Selandia from RRP €99.00 €60.00 *Officina Alessi - Opus Centrepiece Officina Alessi - Opus Centrepiece €199.00 *Kähler Design - Omaggio Platter Ø 30 cm Kähler Design - Omaggio Platter Ø 30 cm €54.90 *Alessi - Mediterraneo Fruit Bowl Alessi - Mediterraneo Fruit Bowl from €80.00 *Alessi - Trinity Basket Alessi - Trinity Basket from €86.00 *Stelton - Stockholm Bowl Horizon Stelton - Stockholm Bowl Horizon from €45.00 * 5 von 5Alessi - Blow Up Bowl Alessi - Blow Up Bowl €85.00 *MoMA Collection - Satellite Bowl MoMA Collection - Satellite Bowl from €52.90 *Alessi - Sarrià Bowl Alessi - Sarrià Bowl €53.00 * 5 von 5Georg Jensen - Cobra Bowl Georg Jensen - Cobra Bowl €175.00 *Alessi - Fruit basket "370" Alessi - Fruit basket "370" from €90.00 *Holmegaard - Provence Bowl Holmegaard - Provence Bowl from €79.95 *Iittala - Ultima Thule Bowl Iittala - Ultima Thule Bowl €99.90 *Muuto - Crushed Bowl Muuto - Crushed Bowl from €45.00 *Alessi - Fruit bowl "La Stanza dello Scirocco" Alessi - Fruit bowl "La Stanza dello Scirocco" €100.00 * 5 von 5Koziol - Eve bowl Koziol - Eve bowl from €19.95 *Alessi - Cactus fruit bowl Alessi - Cactus fruit bowl from €50.00 *ArchitectMade - PK-Bowl ArchitectMade - PK-Bowl €249.00 *Menu - GamFratesi bowl Menu - GamFratesi bowl €79.95 *Georg Jensen - Supernova Bowl -25% Georg Jensen - Supernova Bowl RRP €145.00 €109.00 *Ommo - Korg Fruit Basket Ommo - Korg Fruit Basket from €25.00 *Alessi - 826 Wire Basket Alessi - 826 Wire Basket from €55.00 *Fürstenberg - Wagenfeld bowl Fürstenberg - Wagenfeld bowl €82.50 *Georg Jensen - Masterpieces: Panton bowl 1302 Georg Jensen - Masterpieces: Panton bowl 1302 €89.00 *

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Fruit bowl – Kubus Bowl from by lassen

More Than Storage: the Fruit Bowl As an Eye-Catcher

A designer fruit bowl in the kitchen or in the living room already attracts attention from a distance. The Crushed Bowl by Muuto has a graphical style and its look already copies the software architects like to work with. This fruit bowl has a modern and futuristic design and is certainly unique. A designer fruit bowl from southern Europe embodies a very different style, as shown in the Alessi fruit bowl. All bowls are very well suited as serving bowls, they reliably store any fruit and make it look visually appealing. In case the Alessi fruit bowl made of glass or stainless steel appears too cool, warm materials offer an alternative.

Fruit Bowl Made of Wood – An All-Rounder

A fruit bowl made of wood is, regardless of décor, warm and comfortable. Whether the designer fruit bowl should be made of glass, porcelain or wood, is of course a matter of personal taste and the furnishing style. The Alessi fruit bowl looks very elegant in a modern living room or a futuristic kitchen. But a bowl made from wood can result in a very charming break in style. In any case all the decorative bowls meet their functional purpose. Depending on the style, you can supplement the usual decoration in the kitchen, dining room or living room with a designer fruit bowl or create a visual eye-catcher in a different style. With the diverse bowls of our designers from all over Europe, you can embody an elegant and personal style that provides a special charm, which makes it an indispensable accessory.

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