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Wooden Stools

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Wooden stools evolved from the three-legged, insignificant stools to real design classics. Talented designers realized their potential and developed a number of models from the many different woods of the world. Thanks to their versatility, wooden stools can be used extensively and offer an almost unlimited design variety.
Matching other furniture, they introduce natural aesthetics to your interior thanks to their warm wood tones.

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Wooden Stools – the Underrated Furniture

The wooden stool is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture there is. The different shapes of this small piece of furniture leaves nothing to be desired and often helps us more in everyday life than we realize - from reaching a high shelf to the practical bedside table in our bedrooms.
The following article will show you just how useful a wooden stool can be and what properties to consider when buying one.

Wooden stools in the design shop - what to look out for:

1. What do you want to use your stool for?
2. Outdoor stools - our recommendations
3. Design and shape
4. Material and colors
5. Wood maintenance - easier than you think
6. Top brands - the best wooden stool manufacturers
7. Designer wood stools by Connox - your advantages

1. What do you want to use your stool for?

As opposed to other furniture, stools are compact. This allows us to change both its place and its function.
Usually, wooden stools are used to sit on. They a particularly handy when you have underestimated the number of guests and need additional seating. Often stackable, they are simply stored in the meanwhile. The Fionia folding stool made of wood is a real expert when it comes to "saving space".
If you want to get to a high shelf without the hassle of stretching and climbing, you can make your life easier with a solid wooden stool as a portable step. Unlike ladders, they can also be used as a storage surface, so they create more space than they take. Before placing your order, make sure to check the maximum permitted load, which you will find in the properties on the respective product pages in our shop.
How about an unusual side table? Wooden stools with a flat surface offer an impeccable storage surface and can be transformed into small tables. Often, we wish we had more surfaces on which to put our things, so the stool is the perfect solution. Place flowers or lamps on them and you will have yourself a real eye-catcher.

2. Outdoor stools - our recommendations

In the outdoor area, teak wood stools are recommended. The tropical wood is weather-resistant and known for its long life due to its high oil content. The high rubber content in the teak tree makes the wood very oily and the surface robust. This will avoid the hectic rush to bring in outdoor furniture when the summer weather is no longer at its best. Moreover, unlike untreated indigenous types of wood, teak is resistant to insect and fungal attacks. To emphasize the natural aesthetics of your garden or balcony, Jan Kurtz's tree trunk stools are modern and minimalist, yet rustic and unobtrusive.

3. Design and shape

From simple to striking, from classic to futuristic - pay close attention to your personal furnishing style and remain faithful to it - or dare to seek out a specific style break. Because the shape of the wooden stool is crucial to the function, you should consider in advance, whether to choose a multi-functional model or one for a specific purpose. How comfortable your stool will be will depend on its shape. Wooden stools with seat shells are ergonomically shaped, but they are not as universally applicable as those with flat surfaces. The Cobbler stool with its ergonomic seat shell is a wooden stool on which you can sit comfortably for hours. Height-adjustable stools made of wood, like the Jerry The Wild Bunch stool by Magis, also offer the possibility to adjust the seat height to your body size.

4. Material and colors

Wood is a light material that can withstand heavy loads. It is build to last and remains beautiful even after years of use. The longevity of the material increases when treated with oil.
The various types of wood, such as oak, teak wood or beech offer a wide range of colors that can bring a rustic or even noble feel to different rooms. With cushions or upholstery, you will not only increase comfort, but will also add a personal touch to your design object. Select the requirements according to the color of your furnishing to create a complete interior design. In addition to the types of wood, there also exist lacquered versions, such as the Baby Rocket stool in white.

5. Wood maintenance - easier than you think

We recommend that you regularly, or at least once a year, treat your wooden stools with Tung oil. It is especially important if they are exposed to the outdoors. When left untreated, the wood will change color over time, eventually developing a silvery or grey patina. Apply the oil with a cloth or brush and allow it to dry for a few hours. Discoloration of wood does not affect the stability of your furniture, they only affect the characteristic tones of the wood. In our online blog, you will find valuable tips on teak wood maintenance for your wooden stool.

6. Top brands - find your wooden stool with these manufacturers

The traditional manufacturer Vitra is known worldwide for his classic high-quality designs. The timeless products last for generations. With the price, you don’t only pay for a stool, but also for a piece of design history.
Skagerak is recognised for his passion for wood and his high quality product standards. The Danish manufacturer convinces with his scandinavian designs for indoor as well as outdoor use. In addition, the manufacturer has committed itself to responsible and resource-conserving production.
Jan Kurtz produces selected, natural and weather-resistant wooden stool designs. Just in terms of functionality, the products are outstanding. They have a rustic look, but provide a modern style with clear lines. Wooden stools by Jan Kurtz can be bought at affordable prices thanks to their minimalistic designs.

7. Designer wood stools by Connox - your advantages:

  • A wide range of products with top designer brands
  • High-quality wooden stools by renowned designers
  • Direct and easy purchase online
  • Personal support from our customer service
  • Fair shipping costs
  • Secure payment thanks to SSL encryption
  • Delivery in just a few working days

Shopping Advice at Connox

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