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Vitra - Coffee Mug Love Heart  Vitra - Coffee Mug Love Heart from €17.00 *Vitra - Rotary Tray  Vitra - Rotary Tray from €47.00 * 4.67 von 5Vitra - Paper Napkin Checks 40 x 40  -35% Vitra - Paper Napkin Checks 40 x 40 RRP €6.90 €4.50 *Vitra - Storage Toolbox  Vitra - Storage Toolbox from €29.00 * 5 von 5Vitra - Eames House Bird  Vitra - Eames House Bird €169.00 * 5 von 5Vitra - Elephant Pad  Vitra - Elephant Pad from €25.00 * 4.33 von 5Vitra - Eames Elephant  Vitra - Eames Elephant from €209.00 *Vitra - Hang It All Coat Rack  Vitra - Hang It All Coat Rack from €269.00 *Vitra - Eames Occasional Table LTR  Vitra - Eames Occasional Table LTR from €245.00 * 5 von 5Vitra - Matchboxes Vitra - Matchboxes €6.90 *Vitra - Key Ring Elephant Vitra - Key Ring Elephant from €19.00 *Vitra - O-Tidy Vitra - O-Tidy from €29.00 *Vitra - Alexander Girard Love Pillow Vitra - Alexander Girard Love Pillow from €89.00 *Vitra - Corniches medium Vitra - Corniches medium from €75.00 *Vitra - Corniches large Vitra - Corniches large from €89.00 *Vitra - Greeting Card Love Heart Vitra - Greeting Card Love Heart €3.90 *Vitra - Corniches small Vitra - Corniches small from €55.00 *Vitra - Paper Napkin Dot Pattern Vitra - Paper Napkin Dot Pattern from €4.90 *Vitra - Dots Magnets (Set of 5) Vitra - Dots Magnets (Set of 5) from €25.00 *Vitra - Eye Wall Clock Vitra - Eye Wall Clock €355.00 *Vitra - Eames Wool Blanket Dot Vitra - Eames Wool Blanket Dot €365.00 *Vitra - Ball Clock Vitra - Ball Clock from €279.00 *Vitra - Mother Fish & Child Vitra - Mother Fish & Child €139.00 *Vitra - Key Ring Sun Vitra - Key Ring Sun €25.00 *Vitra - Uten.Silo Vitra - Uten.Silo from €285.00 *Vitra - L'Oiseau Vitra - L'Oiseau €105.00 *Vitra - Miniature Vegetal Chair Vitra - Miniature Vegetal Chair from €29.00 *Vitra - Coat Dots Vitra - Coat Dots from €67.00 *Vitra - Masking Tape Love Heart Vitra - Masking Tape Love Heart €4.00 (€0.40/m) *Vitra - Wooden Dolls Vitra - Wooden Dolls from €109.00 * 5 von 5Vitra - Night Clock Vitra - Night Clock €345.00 *Vitra - Panton Junior Vitra - Panton Junior from €169.00 *Vitra - Sticker Love Heart Vitra - Sticker Love Heart from €7.00 *Vitra - Coffee Mug, Graph Vitra - Coffee Mug, Graph €16.99 *Vitra - Coffee Mug, New Sun Vitra - Coffee Mug, New Sun €17.00 *Vitra - Key Ring House Vitra - Key Ring House from €13.00 *

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The Vitra Home Complements Collection connects iconic designs by George Nelson, Alexander Girard and Charles and Ray Eames with new products of young design talents.

The Collection includes a selection of design objects, home accessories and textiles, which will accompany the user for a lifetime because of the timeless design. The products of the Home Complements Collection were selected for private homes and they create moody ambience with exceptional patterns, motives and colours.

Alexander Girard – master of patterns

The collection focusses on the designs of Alexander Girard, the master or patterns. As manager of the textiles department of the furniture company Herman Miller, Girard created more than 300 different graphic designs, which are displayed on cushions, napkins, trays and greeting cards in the Home Complements Collection. Moreover there is a re-edition of the popular Wooden Doll Family, which is delighted by the new member Wooden Doll Cat and Dog figures.

Old and new classics

Further classics are the table and wall clocks by George Nelson. Sculptural chronometers, which caught the lifestyle of the 50s and 60s as well as the Hang-it-all wardrobe by Charles and Ray Eames, which is a great complement for the new Coat-Dots by the designer Hella Jongerius.
Small furniture like the Cork Family by Jasper Morrison are accompanied by iconic chairs by Verner Panton, Mies van der Rohe and other designers in the miniatures series of the Collection.

The Home Complements Collection unifies new and ancient classics, which will complement your living rooms in a special way. The lovingly designed accessories and small furniture pieces spread a very special charm alone or combined. Discover the Home Complements products by Vitra now.


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