Alessi - Objets-Bijoux Collection

Alessi - Objets-bijoux Collection
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Alessi - Magnetic paper clip holder Chip Alessi - Chip magnetic paper clip holder €43.00 *Alessi - Sfrido Potato Peeler Alessi - Sfrido Potato Peeler €27.00 *Alessi - T-Timepiece Tea Infuser Alessi - T-Timepiece Tea Infuser, stainless steel €29.00 *Alessi - Fior d'olio pourer Alessi - Fior d'olio pourer, stainless steel €28.00 *Alessi - Vabene Pasta Tester Alessi - Vabene Pasta Tester, stainless steel €28.00 *Alessi - Savon du Chef Anti-Odour Soap Alessi - Savon du Chef Anti-Odour Soap, matt stainless steel €17.00 * 4.5 von 5Alessi - Voile Spaghetti Measure Alessi - Voile Spaghetti Measure €20.00 *Alessi - Bulla Bottle Opener Alessi - Bulla Bottle Opener, stainless steel €27.00 *Alessi - Boga Ginger Grater Alessi - Boga ginger grater, steel €26.00 * 3 von 5Alessi - Virgula Divina Bottle Opener Alessi - Virgula Divina bottle opener, stainless steel €26.00 *Alessi - Spal Ice Cream Scoop Alessi - Spal Ice Cream Scoop €36.00 * 5 von 5Alessi - Tripod Adjustable Trivet Alessi - Tripod Adjustable Trivet €38.00 *Alessi - Mysqueeze citrus press Alessi - Mysqueeze citrus press €47.00 *Alessi - Roost Egg Cup Alessi - Roost egg cup, aluminum (set of 2) €32.00 *


The Objets-Bijoux collection by Alessi includes small, useful household items that make everyday life easier. Each product from the series is a wonderful gift to make your loved ones happy. The precious jewellery pieces made of metal were designed in soft, elegant shapes.

Featured Artworks

Thanks to the original design and refined metal works, the Objets Bijoux products work as art objects. Instead of hiding them in the drawer or cabinet, they are therefore best placed in a visible place, for example on a hook or in an open container.