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The Console Table: Practical Addition for Your Hallway

Living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom - we overflow with ideas on how we could decorate these rooms. But one of them is often forgotten - the hallway. That is quite surprising, because it's also the room that guests see first, when entering your home or apartment. Decorating a hallway in style is not easy. Shoes, jackets, hats, bags - a lot has to be stowed away in it without the entrance area overflowing. The solution are console tables and wall consoles, which are perfect as an additional storage space.

Buying Console Tables for the Hallway – What to Keep in Mind

1. The Use of Console Tables
2. Variety of Designs
3. How to Decorate Your Wall Console
4. Brands & Prices

1. Ideal for Narrow Hallways: The Benefit of a Console Table

In most apartments, the hallway is small, so that often only a coat rack can accommodate a jacket, scarves and hats. But where to put letters, keys, sunglasses, shopping bags & co., when you come home? A wall console complements your hallway furniture perfectly. By adding wall hooks and maybe a bench you bring life even into the smallest entrance area and easily create additional storage space.

The console table is designed narrow and fits into every little passage. With a stool pushed in, the console table becomes a space-saving seat in the hallway. Console table are often used as telephone tables: You can place your in-house telephone and charging station there and reach it quickly from any room in the apartment.

The console table is not just a storage solution for the hallway: In combination with a houseplant and a table lamp, it is the perfect decoration in small niches. Wall tables can also be used as dressing tables or as small secretaries in the living area - a console is versatile. It adapts to your needs wherever space is limited.

2. Design, Colors and Materials: Different Varieties of Console Tables

Console tables come in a variety of designs and can therefore be easily integrated into all different kinds of furnishing. A white console table brightens up dark hallways and niches and merges with the white wall, making the room bigger and more open. Black console tables provide exciting contrasts and thus becomes an optical highlight.

Wall consoles enchant with their diversity. Generally, every console table is very petite and tailored to narrow spaces. Many console tables, such as Menu's Yeh wall table, can be leaned against the wall, making them space-saving and flexible. Multi-functional models offer not only a storage area but also separate space for accessories, shoes or documents. The console table Tadaima by ClassiCon looks like a sculpture in the entrance area due to its unusual shape and leans naturally against the wall.

Even if the console table is a very small piece of furniture, it should fit in with the rest of your interior. This creates a harmonious overall picture. Wooden wall consoles fit perfectly into Scandinavian and minimalist interiors. Modern console tables made of metal appear elegant and simple.

3. Decoration for the Console Table: How Your Wall Console becomes an Eye-Catcher

Especially in the often dreary hallway, console tables in combination with other home accessories can completely change the appearance of a room and create a sense of well-being in the entrance area. Vases with fresh cut flowers, a table lamp or decorative candle holders highlight your hallway in a decorative way. A small stool with a comfortable seat cushion on it looks friendly and inviting, no matter which room your wall console is in.

4. Design Brands and Prizes – Console Tables for any Budget

Modern and narrow console tables from Menu are already available for a small budget. Multi-functional models from Tojo and kommod are in the medium prized range. Exclusive designs by Schönbuch, Magis or Thonet can be found for a higher prize.

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