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Designer console table - how to find the right model for your home

  1. Console tables at a glance
  2. Console tables are used
  3. Material and color effect of console tables
  4. Conclusion

1. Overview of console tables

A console table is perfect for narrow rooms and combines filing, table, shelf and storage in one piece of furniture. The selection of console tables is large and depends on the location and personal taste. Classic console tables with four legs (1) look like a narrow table and can be used as a shelf or an alternative to the sideboard. Console tables to lean on (2) appear filigree and can flexibly change location. Console tables (3) mounted on the wall have a floating character and appear light and airy - ideal for particularly small rooms. Console tables with integrated drawer (4) offer extra storage space for the little things of everyday life.

Console tables: different types

2. Location of console tables

In the bedroom or dressing room, a designer console table can be wonderfully used as a dressing table (1), at which you can prepare yourself for the day in the morning. As an alternative to the bedside cabinet (2), a low console table offers space for the alarm clock, a glass of water and a book.

The use in the hallway as a shelf (3) for keys, money and mobile phones is probably the most popular. Corridors are often designed to be narrow, so that console tables that do not protrude too far into the room are particularly suitable.

If you want to combine living and study or bedroom and study, it is advisable to use a console table as a desk (4), which does not take up much space but still offers enough space to work.

Console tables: different locations

3. Material variety and color effect of console tables

Different materials and colors also have different effects in the room. Console tables made of wood (1), for example, set natural accents and underline the Scandinavian style in the ambience. Designer console tables in material (2) fit into almost any ambience and look particularly individual. A black table top can provide a nice contrast to the white wall, while a white console table visually merges with the wall, making the room appear larger. A top made of glass (3) gives the console table an airy, light touch. Console tables made of metal (4) have an industrial charm and can in part also be used outdoors as plant or as a shelf for cosmetics in the bathroom.

Console tables: variety of materials and color effects

4. Conclusion

  • The console table can be used in many ways as a table, shelf, shelf and storage and can be integrated into any room.
  • A designer console table can be used particularly in small, narrow rooms, as it does not take up much space, but still fulfills its purpose.
  • In the bedroom, the console table can serve as a dressing table or bedside table, in the hallway as a shelf for keys and money, in the bathroom there is space for cosmetics, in the living room it becomes a desk and on the terrace it becomes a plant pedestal.
  • Different materials and colors also have different effects in the room. Wood looks particularly warm, while glass ensures lightness. A console table made of metal has an industrial charm and the mix of materials makes the table suitable for any ambience.

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