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Entryway Furniture

Entryway Furniture: How to Create an Inviting Home

The entrance area is the poster child of every home. Therefore, its furniture significantly affects the emotions people have, when entering your house or apartment. There is more to the furniture of your entryway than just a coat rack and a doormat. Lovingly decorated the entrance makes you immediately feel like home. Make sure to evoke a warm and inviting feeling with mudroom furniture of Connox.

Hallway furniture comes in countless different kinds of materials, colors, sizes, and designs: From a rustic entryway table made of wood to a creative coat stand shaped like a tree – have fun browsing through our hallway related categories and discovering our mudroom furniture! Don’t worry you haven’t got enough space for a beautiful entrance. There are a lot of imaginative products and cleverly designed pieces of small entryway furniture to make your entryway look wonderful. No matter if you like unusual or rather classic designs, have much space or a rather narrow or small hallway: Be sure to find something that is just tailored to you in the Connox online shop!

To help you with your search for the perfect piece, we have compiled a list of all the things to keep in mind when buying mudroom furniture:

1. Hallway Furniture: What Shouldn't Be Missing
2. A Matter of Space: From Spacious to Small Entryway Furniture
3. Different Materials: Wood, Plastic and Steel
4. Welcoming Designs for Your Entrance

1. Hallway Furniture: What Shouldn't Be Missing

The range of products for the hallway is enormous. It's easy to lose track of what is really necessary and which entryway furniture is vital. It's a good start to think about where to store your jackets, scarves and hats. Therefore, a coat rack or a sideboard is a must-have accessory for your entrance room. The Wishbone Coat Rack by Frost and Cascando's Twist Coat Rack are perfectly suited for every mudroom. If you prefer wall-mounted coat racks see We Do Wood's Scoreboard or the all-time classic, the Hang It All Coat Rack by Vitra.

Especially in fall and winter shoes quickly get dirty. We recommend doormats to ensure that the dirt is kept outside and your home stays clean. The manufacturer tica copenhagen has numerous products around the topic "shoes". Should you be interested in a more unusual design, have a look at Bloomingville's items. The brand offers circular or cloud-shaped welcome mats. If you have a lot of shoes a shoe rack might also be a good idea. Slippers, boots, sneakers and running shoes can easily be stored and just wait to be worn. The Gaston Shoe Cabinet by side by side can be moved without any effort as it is extremely light and doesn't need to be mounted to your wall.

However, the hallway is not only the first room one sees when entering a home - it is is also the last one before leaving. Thus, the mudroom is a perfect place to store your keys and other important things you need in everyday life, like a wallet or smartphone. See our categories wall racks, small shelves and console tables, wall consoles to find clever solutions to store your personal belongings. In addition to that a mirror in your entrance area allows you to check your appearance one last time before going outside. Here at Connox you can find full-length mirrors as well as smaller ones.

2. A Matter of Space: From Spacious to Small Entryway Furniture

Decorating an entryway always depends on the size of the room as well. If you have a house, you might be leaning towards a more luxuriant furnishing than someone who lives in an apartment with a rather small or narrow hallway. Either way our assortment offers solutions for every entrance area - no matter how big or small the room is.

Furnishing a Great Entrance Hall

  • Clothes racks are a fantastic hallway idea if you don't have to worry about space. On Hay's Loop Stand coat rack as well as the Lucien hall stand by Hartô you can easily store jackets and coats. But make sure to think of clothes hangers, as those models don't have hooks to hold the clothes on their own.
  • Of course we have many coat racks that don't need hangers, too. For instance the Marilyn coat rack by keilbach design and Artificial's Jackenfang. Those hall stands are not only extremely practical, but also very decorative.
  • If you have a lot of space, benches and other seating furniture, such as couches or armchairs, are always a possibility to make your great entrance hall more comfortable. Complement your interior with soft rugs, plants, floor lamps and other decoration: As you can see it is completely up to you - be unique!

Small Entryway Furniture: Tips for Narrow Hallways

  • If you rely on wall-mounted furniture, you will be surprised how spacious your small entrance area can be. Design brands Umbra and LoCa both present innovative options for a smaller entryways. The hooks of the Knax wall coat rack - available with different numbers of hooks - and the Sticks wall-mounted coat rack can be folded down to hang up clothes. When folded up the wall-mounted coat racks appears like an interesting piece of wall decoration.
  • Even standing coat racks can be designed place-savingly as shown by Bonaldo's Tree clothes rack. With a diameter of only 31 cm, the hall stand sure will find a place in almost every entrance area. Furthermore, there are standing coat racks that fulfill more than one job. Skagerak's Push, for example, is clothes stand, mirror and shelf in one. This beautoful piece of wooden furniture will surely make quite an impression on anyone visiting you.
  • Coat Hooks are another smart solution for smaller hallways. The advantage of wall hooks is that they can be placed individually. Muuto's The Dots rapidly became design classics. The choice of materials, color and size is completely up to you. This way they will always meet your preferences and expectations.

3. Different Materials: Wood, Plastic and Steel

Mudroom furniture does not only come in various sizes, the materials differ as well. There are countless products, some of them made of wood, others in plastic or steel. Each of these materials has different properties and needs different treatment. Find an overview of the materials here, read about advantages and disadvantages of each material and be inspired by a selection of products.

Creating a Homely Atmosphere with Wooden Entryway Furniture

Wooden furniture always stands for the longing for nature. The products immediately create a warm and cozy feeling when coming into a room. However, furniture of wood demands a little more maintenance than plastic and is slightly less robust than steel. Usually a dry cloth is sufficient for continuous cleaning. Nevertheless, gloss and color fade away over time. That's why you should from time to time wipe your wooden furniture with a damp cloth. Don't forget to take care of any residual moisture with a dry cloth afterwards.

Danish Design Furniture Made of Wood: Collections by Skagerak

With two collections for the entryway, the Danish manufacturer Skagerak is definitely worth mentioning. The design brand guarantees products of highest quality and is known for its unparalleled works made of wood. All pieces of furniture are produced in an environmentally-friendly, sustainable way.

  • The Cutter Series offers enough pieces to easily set up the whole hallway. The wooden entryway furniture immediately creates a warm feeling when coming inside.
  • The Georg Series convinces with its practicability and slim design: The small entryway furniture pieces are generally very light. Moreover, most of them are only leaned against the wall and therefore can be moved easily.

Plastic Furniture in the Hallway: Bring Color to You Life

Plastic furniture has the advantage that it's easy-to-clean. A wet cloth gets rid of most dirt. Furthermore hallway furniture made of plastic exists in various colors, brightens up your life and evoke a welcoming atmosphere with your guests. However be careful: The color of your plastic may lose its color and fade when standing in direct sunlight.

Steel Entryway Furniture: A Piece of Furniture for the Ages

Hallway furniture made of steel is the most durable furnishing you'll ever get. Moreover, the robust products always look elegant with their silver shimmer.

4. Welcoming Designs for Your Entrance

No matter if you like extravagant or reduced and simple design, be sure to find high-quality products for your hallway by renowned designers and manufacturers: Be sure to find hallway furniture for your personal taste here on

Hallway Furniture in the Online Shop - Your Advantages at Connox:

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