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Small Shelves, Wall Racks

Design Wall Rack or Small Shelf - Functional Eyecatcher

A shelf is more than just a piece of furniture, it is a type of cabinet that is open to the front. But this definition leaves little room for the variety of shapes and uses a shelf or wall shelf offers. Shelving units are also useful as room partitions, they can visually structure and loosen spaces. In this case mostly freestanding shelves are used. A wall shelf is fixed to the wall with screws or hooks. But the shelf does not only fulfill purely functional purposes, but also can be used to store various items. It is, depending on use, either storage space or a refined eye-catcher to display your home decor.

The small Shelf - As Smart as it is Charming

A small shelf is often used as a versatile home accessory. Decorative objects easily find their place here. The classic is the bookshelf, it is usually found in living rooms. Small shelves in the bathroom or kitchen are indispensable helpers. Here, often needed things find their place. In the kitchen, the range extends from the cookbook to the spice rack, in the bathroom, cosmetics or towels are stored in shelves. The advantage of these small shelves is that they can be installed wherever they are needed.

There are countless different small shelves: From design wall shelves made of different materials, such as plastic and stainless steel, all the way to classic wooden wall racks. The furnishing style of the apartment or office determines your choice. If you want to buy a small shelf, make sure that your new shelf harmonizes with the rest. As a rule of thumb: If you have a rustically furnished apartment, which is dominated by a lot of wood, wood should also be chosen as material for the wall rack. Conversely, a wooden shelf looks rather lonely in an industrial-themed environment .

A little shelf or a charming wall rack provide space for decorative items or the things you should have at hand every day. These handy little helpers can be ordered very conveniently and safely online. Our online store offers a wide selection of practila storage solutions. From the functional Corniches by Vitra, which captivate with their extraordinary design, to the Lessing-Schubbord or Iittala-Aitio wall shelf & many more.

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