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String Shelving System - Floor Panel white / Board and Cabinet birch

The right Shelf for your Home

What we expect from shelves differs from taste to taste. While one prefers space saving editions, the other one searches for a perfect storage solution which is also adapted to present the objects beautifully. Whether at a wall, in an angle or corner – find shelves that optimally fit in their surrounding in the home design shop.
Niche shelves are suitable for small apartments and penthouses. They offer a bit more storage space without misusing precious living space. It is important to take care of the accessibility of shelves in order to take things easily out of it. Modern shelving systems are perfect for such purposes.

Shelving Systems – Unique, Individual and Practical

Independent, horizontal, vertical, practical – the trend of shelves changes to be multifunctional and combinable. Shelving systems are demanded to be versatile and expandable. Whether as sideboard, small wall shelf or expanded to a whole wall – shelves are often perfectly introduced in their surroundings. The company Muuto designed a shelving system, which is free combinable with all the modules: Stacked. This is how you will build the shelf you need. The modular shelving system offers suitable compartments for objects and accessories of all sizes with the different boxes. That’s the reason why the shelf adapts to your changing demands offering precious flexibility, which is required nowadays. The master of shelving systems remains String: Numerous elements of different lengths and sizes make it possible to adapt a complete shelf to the space you have at home. The combination possibilities of shelving systems are endless – use them and build the perfect shelf for your home.

Panel Shelves - Decorative and Useful

Numerous designers re-edit ladders creating special shelves with them – decorative, but as well utile and versatile. Whether to be used as tray, shelf or wardrobe – ladders are adaptable to multiple purposes. The One Step Up shelf by Normann Copenhagen reminds us of a folding ladder, whose simple and straight-lined design perfectly combines form, material and function. The One Step Up shelf is versatile. It offers storage space in bathrooms, corridors, kitchens or in the office and it is usable as practical room divider.
Find further modern ladder shelves from the manufacturers Skagerak and Swedese.

Wall Shelves – Flexible and Resistant

Wall shelves are the classic pieces among all shelves – it seems like they have always existed. This is how they aren’t erasable from home and working rooms anymore. The classic shelves aren’t the protagonists of, but they offer the stage to the objects inside of them. This is how they don’t only hold books, but home accessories and special decoration items as well. Thin metal sheets let the shelf look invisible, like the book tower by Haseform. The books look like if they were “floating” at the wall. Modern, creative shelves are getting more and more popular.

Shelves in the Interior Design shop – an Overview of your Advantages:

As you can see, there is a great selection of shelves in the Connox home design shop. Discover our assortment and be inspired by the huge amount of high class design shelves!

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