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How to find the right coat hooks for your home

  1. Sizes and shapes
  2. Materials
  3. Height
  4. Assembly

1. Sizes and shapes: Find the right wall hooks

You can choose between many different coat hook designs. Learn which wall hook fits your living situation.

As a compact coat rack in the hallway are particularly suitable large, round wall hooks. They easily hold even heavy winter coats and minimize the risk of injury in households with children. While coat racks quickly look untidy and bulky, wall hooks hardly take up any space thanks to their shallow depth. Attach a large number of pieces to provide each family member with their own area for jackets & Co. And even if jackets, scarves and Co. times not hang there, the coat hooks decorate bare walls.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "When designing with wall hooks, there are no limits to flexibility, especially since they are endlessly expandable. If you realize you need another one, whether in the hallway for jackets or another room, you can add it without much effort." - Viktoria, interior design expert.

For your kitchen, choose small, narrow hooks to which you can attach cooking utensils and Dish towels can be attached. In small bathrooms towels and bathrobes are so quickly at hand. Hanging freely, they dry particularly quickly.

In the bedroom you should go for decorative and varied shapes. Once installed, wall hooks stylishly showcase your most beautiful accessories - whether hats and caps, bags , scarves or jewelry. So your favorites do not gather dust in the closet, but decorate your bedroom.

2. Materials and colors: The variety of coat hooks

As diverse as the sizes and shapes of wall hooks, so are their materials and colors. Before buying your coat hooks, consider in which room they will be used. Choose models in the same style and matching color scheme.

Brightly painted wood adds cheerful color accents in the Children's room , Hallway or sleeping area .

Who likes it Scandinavian simply, selects coat hooks in white or from unvarnished solid wood .

In the bathroom we recommend hooks made of stainless steel. High humidity can not harm the resistant material.

3. Coat hooks: How high should I mount these everyday helpers?

There is no general answer to this question. Depending on use, a height of between 100 to 170 centimeters is recommended.

The good thing about wall hooks: you can mount them staggered at different heights, so they are tailored to individual needs. This is useful and gives a creative overall picture.

When installing, consider who will use the coat rack and mount the hooks so that each family member can easily reach coats and bags. Coat hooks for children should be placed at a height of 100 centimeters, for adolescents at 145 centimeters and adults at 170 centimeters.

The larger the hooks are, the greater the distance between them should be. For an attractive overall appearance, leave at least twice the width of the hooks as the distance between them.

4. Mounting: How can I mount wall hooks?

If you want the wall hooks to function as a coat rack , it is best to attach them firmly to the wall with a hole and a dowel. This will ensure that the hooks will hold. Even if Children in a hurry sometimes tear at jackets or scarves or when many guests come to visit and hang several jackets on one hook.

For the kitchen or the bathroom are suitable suction hooks that you can attach to the tiles without mounting and move as you wish, mood and need. Note: These hooks are mainly suitable for small utensils and light textiles.

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