Coffee Tables

The coffee table is a storage space for small items, offers storage space and enhances the living room as a design object. Find out here how to find the right model for you.

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Designer coffee table: the all-rounder for the living room

Planner coffee table by Fritz Hansen - Ø 60 x H 40 cm, cream marble top

Buying a designer coffee table online - that's something to keep in mind:

1. The optimal size
2. The right height
3. The shapes - Which coffee table goes with which couch?
4. Coffee tables made of wood, glass or marble?
5. The following additional functions are available

How big should the coffee table be?

In a large room with a living landscape, the coffee table should also have a certain size so that it does not look lost. On the other hand, a small living room table is sufficient for a small sofa. The size of the coffee table should be about half to one third of the length of the sofa, so that the composition looks harmonious.

You should also be able to sit comfortably and move freely between the sofa, table and furniture outside the seating area. Therefore, plan a distance of approx. 45 cm between couch and table and approx. 80 cm between table and other pieces of furniture.

Coffee tables graphic 1 - height and size

How high does the coffee table have to be?

The height can be oriented to the seating surface of the surrounding seating furniture. Coffee tables are low furniture with a height between 30 and 50 cm . Slightly higher living room tables are suitable as an alternative dining table and lower coffee tables lend your living room a lounge character. If you do not want to commit yourself, use the height-adjustable coffee table .

Combine coffee tables

Viktoria Furnishing Expert Tips for Advisors
"The combination of several coffee tables in different heights and sizes creates flexibility. Both in the choice of space and in the use - from the decoration of home accessories to the storage of drinks and snacks". - Victoria, furnishing expert.

Instead of the classic coffee table, more and more modern arrangements of tables of different sizes and shapes can be found. Manufacturer like Hay, Normann Copenhagen or Mater offer series in which the coffee table can be combined with the accompanying side tables. There are also living room tables with different levels pre-installed.

The shapes: Coffee table in round, oval or angular design

One round living room table is particularly suitable for small sofas and can be combined with a matching side table. If you design your seating landscape around the coffee table, this promotes communication. If you have a long, straight sofa and you like the soft curves, then a oval coffee table is a good choice. Round living room tables are particularly suitable for households with children because they minimize the risk of injury at corners and edges.

One square coffee table offers the same footprint from all sides and is suitable for small sofas or U-shaped seating areas in which it blends in well. One rectangular table, on the other hand, matches long, straight sofas or large living landscapes. It offers sufficient floor space and can be easily reached from any location.

Coffee tables chart 2 - Living situations

Living room table in wood, glass or marble

Coffee table made of wood

Solid wood is robust, durable and lends a homely atmosphere. Please note that wooden furniture can change colour over time due to age or sunlight. With wooden coffee tables you have the choice between solid wood and veneer: While solid wood tables are made of one piece of wood, veneer is a carrier board with a thin wood coating, which is much lighter and cheaper.

Sofatics with coloured surfaces usually consist of a lacquered carrier board, for example MDF. They are particularly scratch-resistant and easy to clean. There is a wide range of colours and textures.

Dining tables Graphic 4 - Cross section tabletop

Coffee table made of glass, metal or stone

When purchasing a coffee table made of glass, care should be taken to ensure that safety glass does not break into individual sharp shards in the event of a break. A glass plate in the room looks light and airy and makes small living rooms appear bigger and brighter.

Metal coffee tables are robust, stable and hard-wearing. They are also easy to clean with a damp cloth. Aluminium furniture is particularly light and can therefore be easily converted. Metal tables are often painted or powder-coated and available in a wide range of colours.

A designer coffee table made of marble or other stone is heavy and looks solid. The modern coffee tables from ferm Living, &tradition and Ox Denmarq convince with individual grain.

Coffee table made of recyclable material

More and more designers are designing coffee tables made of recyclable materials. During Pulpo designed a table made of glass ceramic - the scrap material of industrial glass production - Eternit manufactures its furniture from Eternit fibre cement of the same name.

These additional functions offer the following coffee tables

Coffee table with storage space

Models with additional storage under the table top or a drawer are particularly suitable for small rooms to create additional storage space. While a decorated vase and the coffee cup are standing on the table, remote controls and magazines disappear under the table.

Arc coffee table Ø 66 cm H 38 cm from Woud in ash clear lacquered

tray table

A tray table is a table with a removable table top. With the help of this serving tray you can, for example, conveniently transport food and drinks to the coffee table.

light table

Coffee tables designed as light objects are an eye-catcher and create a cosy atmosphere through indirect lighting. Often the brightness can be infinitely adjusted by a dimmer and coloured light sources set special accents.
expert tip
"Anyone who likes it unconventional can also fall back on creative coffee table solutions such as serving trolleys , deep benches , stools and storage baskets " - Viktoria, furnishing expert.

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