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Design Chair - How to Find the Right Chairs for Your Home

1. Chair types
2. Placing chairs at the table
3. Multifunctional
4. Materials
5. The optimal dimensions
6. Conclusion

1. Chair types - different bases and their characteristics

Designer chairs are available with different types of base, between which you can choose according to your taste. Some of them bring an added value that is also worth mentioning beyond style and personal feeling. For example, four-leg and skid-base chairs are often stackable, cantilever chairs - as the name suggests - allow swinging movements that considerably improve seating comfort, and swivel bases offer the possibility of turning to others at the table more easily.

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2. Placing chairs at the table - this is how it works

The dimensions of the chair play a central role when it comes to its placement at the dining table. This is because the height between the seat and the lower edge of the table should be between 25 and 30 cm at best, so that you have enough legroom.

When choosing chairs, also consider the location of the room and the table where they will be placed. The rule of thumb is that you should allow 60 cm of space per person at the table. However, the number of chairs that you place at the table depends greatly on the base of the table in combination with the width of the chairs.

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If you only have limited space available, you should choose chairs without armrests that can be pushed completely under the table. Otherwise, passageways can quickly be blocked or chests of drawers may not be opened properly.

Interior design expert Kerstin Reilemann profile picture "Mix different chairs! No matter whether different models and brands or chairs in one version with or without armrests - a chair mix loosens up the look of the room and can be individually adapted to its circumstances." - Kerstin, furnishing expert

3. Multifunctional - flexible chairs

If you do not have much space in the living and dining area or the kitchen, but still like to invite guests, multifunctional chairs are a good choice. Folding or stackable designer chairs take up hardly any space, but still allow you to extend your dining area in no time at all and create enough comfortable seating.

The statement chair is also a must in every home. With its expressive design, it looks almost like a decorative object, but can also serve as a seat or as a practical storage chair in the bedroom or living room.

Many design classics, like the Eames Plastic Chairs from Vitra, are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Such multifunctional chairs can be moved as required - from the terrace to the dining room and vice versa!

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4. Materials - Designer chairs made of wood, plastic, upholstery fabric & Co.

Designer chairs are made from a wide variety of materials. Which variant you should choose depends not only on your personal taste but also on the properties of the material.

Design wooden chair: Design wooden chairs are true classics and give every room a particularly natural, warm and almost rustic atmosphere. They are considered stable, durable and of high quality. Many renowned manufacturers produce the wooden chairs in a resource-saving way and pay attention to environmental protection, such as Carl Hansen & Son. Different finishes - oiled, stained, varnished or natural - make a designer chair made of wood extremely versatile in its appearance.

Design chair made of plastic: Plastic chairs have a modern look, are light, available in almost every imaginable colour and extremely easy to clean. Even classics such as the Eames Plastic Chairs are made of plastic and continue to impress today with their timeless and versatile design. Especially practical: designer chairs made of plastic are in many cases also suitable for outdoor use and are weatherproof.

Upholstered design chairs: Many design classics are also available in an upholstered version, providing even more comfort and a cosy look in the dining and living room. Whether covered with cotton, leather or polyester fabric - the upholstered chairs are not only comfortable but also an optical highlight in every room. Many covers are removable and washable. However, remember that at the dining table or when there are children in the house, the risk of stains is high and maintenance is a little more complicated than with wooden or plastic chairs.

Rattan chairs Design chairs with rattan wicker have a long tradition and are as modern today as ever. They radiate a certain boho charm and fit well into natural environments with retro flair or in a classic style. Rattan design chairs are high-quality, light, elastic and durable. They can be cleaned with some warm water, but are not weatherproof.

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5. The optimal dimensions - ergonomic seating

A designer chair not only convinces with its strong character, but also with its great functionality - a high degree of seating comfort and convenience included.

In order for you to sit particularly comfortably on your design, you should pay attention to a few things. Sit at a right angle - your back against the backrest of your chair, your knees at seat level and your feet with the whole sole on the floor.

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Many designer chairs support this ergonomic sitting position with their design and adapt optimally to the back.

When buying a designer chair, make sure you pay attention to its height so that it fits your body size and you can position your knees at the height of the seat.

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6. Conclusion - this is what you need to consider when buying designer chairs

  • Pay attention to the base of the chair. Four-legged and skid-base chairs are often stackable,
    Cantilever chairs allow for swinging movements, rotating bases offer a lot of freedom of movement.
  • The height between the seat of the chair and the lower edge of the table should at best be between 25 and 30 cm.
  • If you only have limited space available, you should choose chairs without armrests that can be pushed completely under the table. Multifunctional chairs are also practical in small rooms.
  • Match the choice of material to the desired purpose of the designer chair and pay attention to the respective properties.
  • When buying a designer chair, make sure you pay attention to its height so that it fits your body size and you can position your knees at the height of the seat and sit at a right angle.

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