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Dining table - the centre of the living area

The dining table is one of the most important and central places in the apartment, because here the family comes together, dines together and discusses the latest events. Here you can find out what you should pay attention to when buying a dining table.

  1. The right shape: round, angular or oval?
  2. The optimal size of the dining table
  3. To find the right material Wood, glass or stone?

1. The right shape: round, angular or oval?

First of all, the shape of the dining table is decisive. Whether the table should be round, oval or square depends not only on your personal taste but also on the size of the dining room or kitchen. Oval and round dining tables are used especially in spacious dining areas because they can be placed centrally in the room. Square tables, on the other hand, can also be placed against the wall and can thus be integrated into a kitchen-living room or living room without taking up too much space.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors "A round dining table is an absolute highlight in the dining area - not only because it is placed centrally in the room, accessible from all sides, but because every table decoration and every pendant luminaire that completes the dining area emphasises the centralism of the dining area." - Viktoria, housing expert

2. The optimal size of the dining table

How many people fit on a dining table?

One of the most important aspects when choosing a dining table is its size. The first question is how many people should be seated at the dining table. In principle, a width of approx. 60 cm and a depth of 40 cm is sufficient for one person. Not only is there enough distance to the neighbour, but a complete set of plates, glasses and cutlery can also be arranged on the dining table. With a table length of 180 cm, for example, three people per side will find a seat. If the front sides are also used as a seat, a total of up to eight people can dine at the 180 cm dining table.

Dining tables Graphic 2 - Persons per table

Extendable dining table

A practical solution, especially ideal for smaller rooms, are extendable dining tables. In no time at all, insert panels create more seats for spontaneous guests. Manufacturers like Andersen Furniture, Carl Hansen and Bruunmunch offer stylish pull-out table models in different sizes.

Width and height of the dining table

In principle, a space size of L 60 x T 40 cm per person at the table is expected. So if two people sit opposite each other at the dining table, the width of a square or oval table should be at least 80 cm. If additional serving bowls or decorative elements take up space in the middle of the table, a width of 90 to 100 cm is recommended. For both square and round table shapes, the overall width of the dining table and chairs should also be considered so that a harmonious room concept is created. As a rule, 50 cm per chair and an additional 30 cm are added to the table width or diameter as a passage.
Depending on the height of the user, the height of the dining table should be between 72 and 78 cm.

Dining tables graphic 3 - round table diameter

Dining table - Arrange chairs correctly

How the chairs are arranged at the dining table depends on the type of underframe. If the legs are at the corners of the tabletop, chairs can be arranged along the entire length of the table. Dining tables where the legs are indented and a little further under the tabletop provide ample space and legroom for people at the front. However, it should be noted with this variant that the chairs must be placed on the long sides around the table legs.

Expert tip "My tip is a dining table with a central base! Regardless of its basic shape, this allows for flexible chair selection and dining place positioning." - Viktoria, furnishing expert

Dining tables Figure 1 - Seating arrangement

3. Dining table made of wood, glass or stone

Solid wood dining table

Another decisive aspect in the selection of the dining table is the material. Solid wood is a popular material for dining tables. A solid wood table is robust, rustic and creates a cosy atmosphere in the dining room. The various types of treatment not only protect the wood, but also give it a corresponding appearance: waxing and oiling make the wood appear a little darker, soaps lighten it and varnishing creates a shiny surface. Oiled wooden tables should be treated regularly for a long shelf life. It must also be taken into account that the colour of the wood can change due to age and solar radiation.

Coated dining table

In addition to solid wood dining tables, coated table tops are also an option. They are considerably lighter, have an MDF or multiplex core and are coated with veneer, linoleum, laminate or lacquer, for example. The surface is very easy to clean and does not have to be treated regularly. There is also a large selection of colours and textures that perfectly match your own style of living. Hay, Muuto and ferm Living offer numerous coated dining tables in various shapes and colours.

Dining tables Graphic 4 - Cross section tabletop

Glass, metal or stone dining table

Design dining tables made of glass and metal look cool, puristic and therefore more elegant. Above all, the combination of both materials gives dining tables, such as those from ClassiCon, a modern look. When buying a glass plate, you should always pay attention to safety glass that does not break into individual, sharp shards in the event of a break.
Dining tables with a slab of natural stone or marble are absolutely trendy. On the one hand, the surface texture appears particularly natural due to its patterning, on the other hand, the material is resistant to heat and moisture. Brands such as Menu , Vitra or Kartell offer marble tables in a simple and extravagant style.

Pli dining table from ClassiCon

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