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Shower Curtains

Shower Curtains: Color for the Oasis of Well-Being

Shower curtains function as splash protection. They protect the bathroom from an unwanted flooding, which is clear. But they are just as much a bathroom accessory - not just in white tiled bathrooms. Shower curtains have the advantage that they are easy to apply. If you want to, you can mix it up once in a while. Decorate your bathroom with your favorites!

Secure Your Shower Curtain with Bars

There are numerous possibilities for attaching shower curtains. The most commonly used is the shower curtain rod. It is attached to the wall with both ends. Rings are then used to hang the curtains on the shower rod. Shower curtain rings are already partly integrated in the same. If not, you can choose between a metal or plastic version. If you want to drill as little as possible, the shower spider is suitable. It is attached to the bathtub rim. It is a disadvantage, however, that a shower curtain on it only on one side splash protection offers.

Washing Shower Curtains

  • Shower curtains are also affected by lime. To ensure its hygiene, you should either spray the shower curtain with shampoo or treat it with sodium bicarbonate. This way, it stays beautiful for a long time.
  • Most shower curtains are washable at 30°C in the washing machine. It is best to use the delicate wash cycle. You should do without the spin cycle. It only affects the material and makes shower curtains crease.
  • A good alternative to the dishwasher is a bucket of water and hygienic cleaners. Allow the shower curtain to rest in there for a while, then wash it off with clean water.
  • Let some air into your bathroom regularly to prevent your shower curtain from beginning to form mold.

Shower Curtains: Probably the Most Important Bathroom Accessory

Whoever thinks shower curtains are not an important element for the overall effect of a room, is wrong. Especially in small bathrooms they can be the most dominant item, indispensable bathroom accessories. Therefore, it is important to take enough time to make a decision before buying. In the case of small rooms, a dark curtain should be avoided. It absorbs, especially in windowless bathrooms, light and is quickly oppressive. The Unikko Shower Curtain by Marimekko does two things: On the one hand, it is very bright and friendly in its choice of color. On the other hand, you can feel nature just by looking at it, making windowless bathrooms seem more spacious. If the rooms are already tiled in color, you should either use a simple variant or try to resume the colors of the tile. This creates a harmonious concept. With the Grid Shower Curtain by ferm Living you can not do wrong. It has a size of 180x200 cm and is held in a simple black-and-white pattern that takes up the design of a bathroom tile.

Best Materials for Shower Curtains

Most of the shower curtains are made of three materials: polyester, cotton and linen. Polyester is usually very robust and has a glossy finish. Shower curtains made of polyester also dries very quickly after showering. Cotton or linen fall soft. They are by nature not water-repellent. Nevertheless, their inside is mostly made water-repellent coated.

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