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Find the right designer soap dispenser for the bathroom and kitchen

  1. Soap dispenser or soap
  2. The right soap dispenser - stand or hang, press or pump?
  3. Materials
  4. Bathroom series
  5. Conclusion

In addition to their practical function, soap dispensers in the bathroom are a decorative accessory and can be combined in many ways. In the meantime there is not only the simple color palette of bathroom items in white, black, gray and transparent. Soap dispensers in green, blue, gold and pink are part of our range at Connox. You set accents with eye-catching colors.

Soap dispenser or soap dish - liquid or solid

There are two different ways to provide soap - liquid in a soap dispenser or in solid form on a soap dish. In addition, it is not just a question of which dispenser you prefer, but also the right soap. Note that soap not only removes dirt, it can also attack the skin's greasy film.

Benefits of Liquid Soap and Soap Dispensers

In most bathrooms today there are designer soap dispensers for refilling. These have the following advantages:

  • Precise dosing through a simple mechanism
  • Refilling is possible with commercially available liquid soap
  • Does not leave a lot of dirt in the sink
  • Nice accessory

Disadvantages of liquid soap and soap dispensers

  • A small amount of soap remains in the dispenser
  • Ingredients mostly questionable by adding petroleum
  • Germs get stuck above the pump head
Soap dispenser or soap dish - liquid or solid soap

Advantages of Solid Soap and Soap Dishes

Scented soaps and handmade natural soaps are a decorative eye-catcher in the bathroom. In addition to the visual advantages, the use of solid soap also has practical strengths:

  • Gentle care of the hands
  • Moisturizing and mild effect
  • Environmentally friendly processing and packaging
  • Complete use
  • Clean, germ-free and bactericidal due to the alkaline surface

Disadvantages of solid soap and soap dishes

  • Optical dirt in the sink due to leftovers
  • The soap dish must be cleaned regularly
Advantages of soap dispenser to stand on or on the wall
Soap Dish for the Wall

2. The right soap dispenser - stand or hang, press or pump?

Soap dispenser to hang on the wall

For smaller bathrooms, wall-mounted soap dispensers are a way to save space. Toothbrush tumblers and other bathroom items have more space on the edge of the sink. Make sure that the screw cap is easily accessible so that it can be refilled easily.

Soap dispenser to stand down

A soap dispenser to stand on should be weighted down and have a rubber ring at the bottom. When lightly pushed, this prevents the dispenser from slipping or tipping over.

The right soap dispenser - stand, hang, pump, press

Soap dispenser for pumping

Soap dispensers with a classic pump mechanism are particularly popular. The amount of soap can be dosed precisely by pressing the head or a button down.

Soap dispenser to press

By squeezing it gently, the soap can be portioned with a designer soap dispenser. In order for the soap to reach the palm of your hand, it is necessary to lift the soap dispenser and tilt it. Manufacture from silicone or rubber is important so that the body gives way under pressure.

3. Materials - the right soap dispenser for every furnishing style

In addition to the function of the soap dispenser, the appearance in your own bathroom and kitchen plays a role. Every furnishing style has its own characteristics and features. When choosing the soap dispenser, consider the choice of material, your own taste and the preferred feel.

Material soap dispenser - the right soap dispenser for every furnishing style

In puristic and Scandinavian bathrooms, ceramic soap dispensers match the style perfectly. Glass, such as the glass soap dispenser by Bloomingville, or metal soap dispensers such as the soap Dispenser made of stainless steel by Eva Solo. Rustic accents can be set easily with concrete and stone.

If you have children, it is advantageous to use unbreakable materials. Soap dispensers made of plastic, rubber or silicone are suitable for bathrooms with children.

In addition to soap dispensers made of one material, there are also those made of different materials. This mix loosens up the look of the donor. No matter which one you choose, all soap dispensers in the Connox range are easy to clean and water-resistant.

Viktoria furnishing expert Tips for advisors“Soap dispensers and soapmostly stand on surfaces that are very smooth and also get wet regularly. It is therefore advisable to make sure that the underside is covered with a non-slip material, such as rubber or silicone. This prevents slipping or tipping over when operating." - Viktoria, furnishing

4. Uniform design through bathroom series

If you prefer a uniform bathroom decor, you can take a look at the bathroom series. Bathroom articles from a series appear homogeneous and bring calmness to the eye. For example, choose the Ume soap dispenser from Zone Denmark and matching accessories such as the toothbrush. The bathroom appears tidy due to the matching shapes and colors.

Audo - Bath soap dispenser

5. Conclusion - you need to consider when buying soap dispensers

  • Weigh the advantages of soap dispensers and soap dishes and consider which variant suits you best.
  • If you have little space available, you should choose soap dispensers for the wall.
  • Choose a pump mechanism that is easiest for you to use.
  • Match the choice of materials and design to your bathroom furnishings.
  • Bathroom series are suitable for uniform bathroom furnishings.

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Purchasing advice from Connox

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