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Delivery Delays

Delivery delays – Header

Dear Customer,

Are you annoyed because the product you ordered hasn’t arrived? Were you given a different delivery date when you ordered? Have you been waiting for your product for a long time and the delivery date has been changed a few times?

We totally understand your anger, since we are in the same situation as you. We usually receive products directly from the respective manufacturers and producers and we are – like you – their customers and we always wish to receive the goods as soon as possible.

Delayed Deliveries Aren’t Common

Please be sure that we always try to avoid delivery delays. We already keep about 60% of our assortment in stock in order to be able to send most of the products to you immediately. Unfortunately, part of our inventory often runs out, so we need to re-order the products and the delivery to you then depends on the manufacturers and producers. In such cases, we can only communicate the delivery date we were told and inform you about every change we are informed about – all via E-Mail.

Possible Reasons

If a manufacturer tells us delivery dates, we trust them and expect the goods to come on that date. But it is often the case that the manufacturers and producers aren’t able to deliver on time. If there are incidents or unexpected problems during production, such as demand exceeding production capacities, a manufacturer who doesn’t deliver on time, new production facilities which are not finished on time, or if the quality of the production doesn’t reach the expected standards, it is possible that the producers aren’t able to calculate an exact delivery date.

Problems with Particular Manufacturers

  • Danish manufacturer Bodum is in the process of moving its production from China back to Europe. Due to the logistical and organisational challenges this undertaking presents, increased delivery delays may be possible for Bodum products.

We want to emphasise at this point that such a process isn’t usual at Connox, which is proven by numerous customer opinions.

So that you are aware of possible delivery delays before you start shopping, here is a list of products that might not arrive on time or that suffer from production delays. The dates of arrival of the products on this site have to be seen as provisional dates and we cannot guarantee their validity.

Products with delivery problems