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Design Carpets - How to Find the Right One For Your Home

Rico 3 seater sofa and Rico Armchair in Bouclé sand from ferm Living in the living room
  1. Finding the right carpet size
  2. Which carpet for which room?
  3. Little material science
  4. The right color selection
  5. Maintenance: How to clean the carpet?

1. Finding the right carpet size

Remember: A carpet that is too small will quickly disappear. It is better to reach for the larger model. Sofa, table &, etc. do not look too powerful and fit harmoniously into the overall picture of the room. The size of the carpet therefore always depends on the size of the room.

The ideal size is when the design carpet is about 60 centimetres shorter than the shortest wall in the room. A rug placed in front of or under the sofa should protrude about 30 centimetres at each side. This creates a feeling of spaciousness and expanse.

Interior design expert Kerstin Reilemann profile picture "For the perfect proportions in the room, a slightly larger carpet is usually the better choice. Even if a carpet lies flat on the floor, it still very confidently defines a spatial zone, be it the sofa corner or the dining area. These zones thus appear more spacious at first sight and the individual pieces of furniture appear less massive in proportion." - Kerstin, furnishing expert

In large rooms you can create islands of living space and place all furniture on a generously dimensioned carpet. Two functional areas, such as the couch corner and dining area, can be visually separated by two different carpets.

2. Which carpet for which room?

Carpet in the living room: In the living room, the carpet is mainly used to visually combine sofa, coffee table and armchair into a living island. If the living room is particularly large, it is a good idea to place all the furniture on a large design carpet and thus give the room more structure. In smaller rooms, the protruding ends of the carpet make the room appear larger and the furniture more filigree.

PUK carpets

Dining room carpet: Placed under the dining table and chairs, the dining room carpet reduces the noise level and creates an inviting look. Here, however, the carpet should be at least 70 centimetres longer than the table on all sides so that you do not get caught on the edge of the carpet when the chairs are moved. Note: If the dining table is round, you should also use a round carpet.

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Carpet in the bedroom: In the bedroom you have many possibilities to place your design carpet decoratively. Whether two runners next to the bed, a large carpet completely under the bed or a round carpet halfway under - this guarantees warm feet and a cosy atmosphere in the bedroom.

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Carpets for rooms with special requirements: Are you looking for a Outdoor carpet, you must make sure that the material is particularly robust and weatherproof. In the bathroom, decorative, spacious floor mats are a good choice, which recite the moisture and are pleasantly soft underfoot. In open passageways you can structure different areas with one or more carpets.

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3. Small materials science

A high-quality designer carpet often consists of natural materials that radiate a harmonious feeling of living. Easy-care woollen carpets and furs have a homely look and create a homely atmosphere.

Felt is a comparatively new material for carpet production. Even unusual creations can be made with this natural material - like the Pinocchio carpet from Hay , which has meanwhile become a modern classic. Moreover, carpets made of felt are particularly robust and are therefore also well suited for the entrance area or playroom.

For the dining area in the eat-in kitchen, for conservatories and rooms inspired by nature, a jute carpet or a carpet made of hemp fibres is an interesting choice: they are resistant, durable and create a natural ambience.

Bamboo is the fastest growing plant on earth, which makes bamboo carpets particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly. In addition, the carpets are very light and yet they convince with their high robustness.

Synthetic fibres such as polyester are interesting for many living spaces: they are easy to clean and offer a variety of patterns and shapes. The following applies to all carpets: When they are new, fluff is normal and can be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner.

PUK carpets

1. Kvadrat - Bold carpet | 2. Hay - S & B Dot Carpet | 3. House Doctor - Carpet Backside | 4. nanimarquina - Knitted Carpet | 5. Massimo - Earth Bamboo Carpet | 6. Pappelina - Duo Carpet

4. The right colour selection

In general, light and warm colours are inviting and give the room air. Dark colours and strong patterns visually reduce the size of the room and are therefore best used in large rooms. Small carpets in strong colours become an eye-catcher in plain corners.

Do you like it colorful? Then you will find a wide selection of patterns and colour gradients among the creative designer carpets. A carpet can be modern or in a retro style - just like the Non Flying Carpet from Fatboy with his modern oriental style.

Depending on where you use the carpet, different colour schemes come into question: If you love a romantic style of living, a carpet in pink sets suitable accents, for example in the bedroom or in the children's room. A carpet in grey suits an industrial ambience or creates an exciting contrast in a classic interior - such as the designer carpet Oona by Normann Copenhagen. A carpet in blue is especially comfortable in interiors with dark woods.

5. Maintenance: How to clean the carpet?

Wool and cotton soil less quickly than synthetic fibres thanks to their natural grease and are quite resistant to water. They also remain beautiful for a long time - so you can enjoy your new designer carpet for a long time. In general, natural materials are very easy to care for, and stains can be easily removed with soap and water. Stubborn stains can be treated with a special carpet foam.

Check the colourfastness of the carpet beforehand, preferably on the underside. The following applies to all carpets: Remove dirt regularly with a vacuum cleaner. If the carpet has become unsightly after a while, professional carpet cleaning can ensure that it looks as good as new again. This cleaning can be done in a carpet laundry.

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