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Table lamps - how to find the right design table lamp for your home

  1. Table lamps at a glance
  2. Model and locations
  3. Extras for table lamps
  4. Light colour and illuminant
  5. Conclusion

1. Table lamps at a glance

A table lamp gives every living room a complementary mood light and is an irreplaceable aid to work at the desk. Form, light output, design and function determine where the table lamp is used. The selection ranges from atmospheric ambience light to the practical rechargeable battery light and adjustable desk lighting. Muuto, for example, offers a variety of different table lamps for every taste and need.

Form, design, function and light output of table lamps

2. Model and locations

Table lamp as reading lamp
On the side table next to the armchair or bed, a table lamp can be used for reading. A lamp with direct light output and a swivel head is recommended here, so that the light comes out exactly where it is needed. A table lamp with height-adjustable head makes the incidence of light even more adjustable.

Table lamp as mood light
If you want to create an atmospheric atmosphere in the room, a table lamp with indirect light output can be chosen. The light is diffusely scattered and thus creates a cosy atmosphere. If you choose a dimmable table lamp, the light intensity can also be regulated as desired.

Table lamp as mood light

Integrated into an open shelf, the side walls allow you to play with the diffusion of light. But also arranged on a sideboard, wall shelf or side table, the light of the table lamp can set the room in scene.

Table lamp as work lighting
If the table lamp is used for working on a desk, a model with adjustable arm and flexible joints is recommended. This allows the light to be directed in the desired direction and a spotlight to be placed in a suitable position.

3. Extras for table lamps

Some table lamps are characterised by special extras. For example, table lamps with a USB port (1) allow you to charge your smartphone - even without a nearby socket. It also works without cables: rechargeable lights (2) can be used flexibly at a place of your choice and provide light on the terrace on warm summer evenings.

Viktoria interior design expert tips for advisors "You would like to provide soft light in your entrance area or hallway with a beautiful table lamp, but you lack sockets? This is no longer an obstacle: with the growing range of battery-powered LED table lamps, this problem is solved in style. Attractive design is combined with the latest technology at this point and makes the unexpected possible." - Viktoria, interior design expert

Extras for table lamps

If you like to change your style, you can use configurable table lamps (3), where the shade can be changed at will. A dimmable table lamp (4) can quickly change the lighting mood in a room. The light intensity can usually be regulated via a touch function or a controller on the cable.

4. Light colour and illuminant

Light colour
When choosing the illuminant, it is also advisable to pay attention to the light colour. Neutral white and warm white lamps are well suited to create a cosy atmosphere in the room. Cold white light creates a bright, daylight-like illumination and is perfect for concentrated work.

PUK Pendant lights

LED illuminant
LED lamps have very low energy consumption and an extremely long life span of 15,000 to 50,000 hours, which corresponds to 14-45 years with a burning time of approximately 3 hours per day. This makes them an environmentally friendly alternative to technically outdated light bulbs and halogen lamps. Depending on the model, LED bulbs are dimmable - this means lower power consumption and less CO2 emissions compared to the light bulb. LED lamps are now available for almost any base, making them easy to replace.

In some luminaires the lamps are permanently installed. You can find more information on the respective product page.

5. Conclusion

  • Atmospheric decorative light, practical rechargeable battery light or adjustable desk lighting: design, function and light output determine where a table lamp is used.
  • Direct lighting with neutral white or cool white light is perfect for reading. Table lamps with warm white light and diffuse light emission are suitable as cosy ambient light.
  • Table lamps are also available with extras such as USB connection, rechargeable battery, configuration options or dimming function.

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