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Ole Palsby

Ole Palsby

With integrity, conscientious use of resources and a sense of accountability to the customer, Ole Palsby has made it his business to bring quality to our everyday lives; to shape the way we do things by bringing the user-friendliness of the professional kitchen into people’s kitchens at home. He does this by creating designs that lack nothing, yet incorporate nothing superfluous. To Ole Palsby’s mind, products must not divert attention away from food and drink; instead, they should accentuate the visual appearance, aroma and form of the food. Food preparation, meals and meal table are central for Ole Palsby as he designs items for us.

Ole Palsby finds much of his inspiration in Japan and the Zen philosophy, which has influenced his basic principles of design: “Our overall experience is a synergy of all our senses – sight, taste, smell, hearing and touch,” and this has pointed the way to his design goal: “To shape kitchen utensils and tableware so that they become an integral part of food preparation and mealtimes.”

Ole Palsby has designed Rosendahl’s storage jars. The underlying concept was to give the jars a timeless look. The stoppers have the simple, arched handle that is so characteristic of many of Ole Palsby’s designs. The shape portrays the function; the stopper is removed by a simple vertical movement.

Besides Rosendahl, Ole Palsby also designed famous products for companies such as Eva Trio, Alfi or WMF.