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Driade is an Italian furniture manufacturer. The Nemo Armchair stands out due to the colourful shape of a face which is reminiscent of a theatre mask.


The Italian furniture company was founded in 1968 in Piacenta. Driade is an important protagonist among the high-profile companies in northern Italy who have kept stimulating furniture design.

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Driade - replacement pads for the Lord Yo armchair Driade - replacement pad for the Lord Yo armchair €1.00 *Driade - Nemo Armchair Driade - Nemo Armchair, fixed stand, white €1,196.00 *Driade - cover for the Lord Yo armchair Driade - cover for the Lord Yo armchair, white (B1) €184.00 *Driade Store - Lord Yo Driade - Lord Yo Armchair, white (B1) €196.00 *Driade - Toy Armchair Driade - Toy Armchair, grey (G17) €184.00 *Driade - Turner Candlestick Driade - Turner candlestick €132.00 *Driade - Kissi Kissi Bistro Table Driade - Kissi Kissi Bistro Table, white €565.00 *Driade - Toy Armchair Driade - Toy Armchair, white (B1) €184.00 *Driade Store - Meridiana Armchair Driade - Meridiana Armchair, transparent €434.00 *Driade - Bo Chair Driade - Bo chair, white (B1) €149.00 *Driade - Tokyo-Pop Sofa Driade - Tokyo-Pop Sofa, white (B1) €970.00 *Driade - Tokyo-Pop Lounger Driade - Tokyo-Pop Lounger - white (B1) €1,006.00 *Driade - Clover Armchair Driade - Clover Armchair €434.00 * 5 von 5Driade - Pip-e Armchair Driade - PIP-e Armchair, white (B4) €214.00 *Driade - Costes Armchair Driade - Costes Armchair - mahogany wood €815.00 *Driade - Costes Armchair Driade - Costes Armchair - ebony €815.00 *Driade Kosmo - Tenochtitlan Candleholder Driade - Kosmo, Tenochtitlan Candleholder €239.00 *Driade - Soft Egg Chair Driade - Soft Egg Chair, white €190.00 *Driade - Soft Egg Chair Driade - Soft Egg Chair, grey blue €190.00 *Driade - Tokyo-Pop Bar Stool Driade - Tokyo-Pop Stool, white (B1) €315.00 *Driade - Tokyo-Pop Side Table Driade - Tokyo-Pop Side Table, white (B1) €238.00 *Driade - Tokyo-Pop Bar Table Driade - Tokyo-Pop Bar Table - white (B1) €595.00 *Driade - Nemo Armchair Driade - Nemo Armchair, firm standing, black €1,196.00 *Driade - Zelight Outdoor Lamp Driade - Zelight Outdoor Lamp, light grey €250.00 *Driade - Out / In High Armchair Driade - Out / In High armchair, anthracite black €1,006.00 *Driade - Lago Armchair Driade - Lago Armchair, white €678.00 *Driade - Miss Lacy Armchair Driade - Miss Lacy armchair €2,398.00 *Driade - Koishi Seating Island Driade - Koishi Seating Island, white €1,012.00 *Driade - Ping Side Table / Slide Driade - Ping I Side Table / Object Holder €190.00 *Driade - No Frame Wall Mirror - square Driade - No Frame I, Square Wall Mirror €256.00 *Driade - Cover for the TOY Armchair Driade - Cover for the TOY Armchair, white €143.00 *

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Driade sees itself as aesthetic laboratory in which all conceivable aspects of living are examined. What arises are many different "stories" that develop around a sturdy core, as well as a history which is closely intertwined with the history of Italian design and its protagonists.

The Italian furniture company was founded in 1968 in Piacenta. The three founders: Enrico Astori as Director of Driade, his wife Adelaide Acerbi as designer of the corporate image and communication, as well as his sister Antonia Astori, as the architect and product designer.

Already in its founding year, Driade achieved respectable success with the furniture system from Antonia Astori, named after her. Other designs followed, like the armchair Melaina by Rodolfo Bonetto (1970), the System Oikos by Antonia Astori (1972) or the delicate chair Delfina by Enzo Mari (1974).

In the 80s, Driade presented the legendary design collection Driade Aleph, whose designs were based partly on the Italian furniture design group Memphis. The most popular object of the Aleph Series is the three-footed coffeehouse chair Costes by Philippe Starck, to which today a certain cult status is attributed. Other famous international designers like Ron Arad, Matthew Hilton or Mario Bellini followed in the successful series with their designs.

Another one of Driade’s collections is the kitchen system Driade Chef, which has been continually updated and advanced by Antonia Astori since 1978.

The label Driade Store exists since the middle of the 1990s, and addresses the young, price conscious audience. Practical and stylish products, in which the innovation often lies in the details, are the characteristics of the mostly plastic Driade Store line. Famous designs, like the Lord Yo chair by Philippe Starck or the Tokyo Pop Collection by Tokujin Yoshioka are the flagship of the young series. But also high-profile international designers like Konstantin Grcic, Marco Zanuso, Sebastian Bergne, Ross Lovegrove or Jorge Pensi characterise the image of the products of the Driade Store.

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