Spiel gut seal of approval

Spiel gut

The "spiel gut Arbeitsausschuß Kinderspiel und Spielzeug e.V." (Working Committee for Children’s Games and Toys) is a charitable consumer advice organisation specialising in children's toys. It advises parents, teachers, manufacturers and all other people and institutions dealing with children's toys.

The working committee was founded by practitioners and scientists of medicine, psychology, pedagogy, arts and architecture in 1954. Their idea was to show toy-manufacturers what makes a good toy from a scientific and artistic point of view. After initial refusal, the demand for good toys has since increased noticeably.

About 600 new toys are tested every year. The toys’ material and durability, construction and mechanics, form and colour, safety, environmental sustainability and price are tested — as are other qualities. If all these points are positive, the “spiel gut” seal of approval may be given to it.

If you see the orange “spiel gut” seal of approval on your child's toys, you can relax, knowing that the development of your child will be the best it can possibly be and pedagogically valuable.

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