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German Agro Action Welthungerhilfe

The German Agro Action Welthungerhilfe is one of the biggest private helping organisations of Germany.

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The German Agro Action Welthungerhilfe is one of the biggest private helping organisations of Germany. It helps at first hand: Starting from fast help at catastrophes over the reconstruction up to long term projects of development work with native partner organisations according to the principle of help them help themselves. More than 7,350 projects in 70 countries were supported with 2.66 billion euros since the foundation of Welthungerhilfe in 1962 – for a world without hunger and poverty.


The “Freedom from Hunger Campaign” encouraged the federal president Heinrich Lübke to found the “German Foundation for the Fight against Hunger” in 1962. With it he began the first chapter of the Welthungerhilfe. The organisation follows one aim since then: changing the failed nutrition. The German Agro Action Welthungerhilfe is one of the biggest help organisations of Germany.

Versorgung mit Trinkwasser

In the beginning the emergency aid was focussed, but especially long term help is what the Welthungerhilfe wants today. The idea of helping people help themselves was the guiding phrase in the 70es, when growing donations and public recolections made long lastoing and bigger projects possible. But the Welthungerhilfe was as well (and is still) a reliable helper during hunger periods, floods, drought or earthquake. The vision of the Welthungerhilfe also remains unchanged: All the people are worth a chance of living a self-deciding and honourable life.

Catch the hunger at its roots

All the people have a right of an appropriate nutrition: The Welthungerhilfe encourages this by means of fighting the versatile origins of hunger with place-adapted agriculture, education, income possibilities and better water supply together with partners.
The world produces enough nutrition for all the people to eat enough. Many of them however, are far to poor to afford afford food. Farmers in development countries often aren’t able to live from their own yields.

Alphabetisierungsprojekt in Burkina Faso

The Welthungerhilfe therefore workd with small farmer families in Afrika, Asia and South America. Especially together with women but also with disadvantaged minorities like land-less or tribus. Long term changes can only happen if the people themselves are convinced of their effect and if they accept changes.

Help to help themselves means to encourage existing initiatives directly where help is needed in poor countries in order to make them grow. Local and non-regional organisations are thereby important representing parts of the society that are able to change the politics of their country. The Welthungerhilfe works with local administration offices and reinforces their capacities whenever it is possible.

Directly in the place when catastrophes happen

The Bonn central office is called in the moment catastrophes happen. The aid begins instantly, if the Welthungerhilfe works in the affected country. The emergency aid team from Bonn will also be there within 48 hours.

After a catastrophe occurred, often only a few hours decide about the destiny of the affected people. Helpers and natives fast get an impression of the extent of the damages. They find out what aid is necessary and organise nutrition, water or hygiene articles on local markets.

Fischzucht in in Laos

The cooperation with local partner organisations is indispensable whenever it is possible. They know social and cultural specialties and guide the Welthungerhilfe informing about which aliments and clothes should get into helping packages.

It is possible!

About 26 percent of the people of the world suffered from hunger when the Welthungerhilfe was founded – today 13 percent of the world’s population suffers from hunger. That’s good news! Welthungerhilfe represents concrete answers and local solutions: New future perspectives are created together with the people in the affected countries, all of it flexibly and keeping in mind the global changes.

You want to get active? There are gift donations available in the home design shop and also have the possibility of donating directly via the online donation formulary of the Welthungerhilfe.

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