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Article from the 2015-11-12, by Anja Beckmann

"Bringing beautiful and affordable interior design into your life!"
Concepts of Indecorate It's time for a whole new way of interior design: individual and customized interior concepts. Not for large companies and the upper three thousand, but for people like you and me. The interior designers of Indecorate can be booked flexibly and they’ll advise on an hourly basis for fair prices. We have decided to join the partner network of Indecorate because we like their concept. This is how customers of Indecorate will get discounts on our assortment. Today we want to introduce our partner.

Young, creative designers with whom you will be able to furnish your place with a new look. The broadband of performance is great - from a one-hour consultation for getting ideas and tips to a full-project-makeover for 600 euros. No matter which job has been hired: Indecorate focusses on a personal contact between the customer and the interior designer. This is how your style and your preferences are always in focus.

How does a furnishing consulting occur?

At the beginning of the collaboration there is a one-hour initial consultation for 40 euros. That way you will have the opportunity of meeting the designer and becoming familiar with his way of consulting. Then you can choose from one of two packages: the one-room makeover from 4 hours and 250 euros or the full project makeover from 10 hours and 600 euros. For larger projects or individual requests, Indecorate created a tailor-made offer on an hourly basis. While the company is based on an hourly rate of 60 Euro.

Concepts of IndecorateConcepts of IndecorateConcepts of Indecorate

You decide for a quote and everything starts: Depending on the project, the interior concept arises individually. This can reach from boutique bedrooms with tailored cabinets to the furnishing of the children’s room and also the new planning of a kitchen. Usually, the designers first work with you preparing an inspiration deck, then it goes to the planning of colours, materials, furniture and accessories, as well as planning the layout of the room. Indecorate also helps organising and coordinating craftsmen on demand, or finishes the whole concept by means of checking the styling at your place, changing things if necessary.

If you are missing pieces of furniture or accessories, you can buy a discount in one of the shops from the Indecorate affiliate network - also in Connox.

Discounted consulting for Connox customers - save until Christmas If you are a Connox customer you will get a 5 euros discount on the first consultation until December 31st, 2015. Being quick is worth it: The first 30 Connox customers who sign up for a furnishing advice, will get their initial consultation for only 25 eurow

Enter the Indecorate website here .

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