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Modern Country Style

A new interpretation of the country house style

We Do Wood - Field Folding Table

Large rooms, natural materials and a lot of wood - the rustic flair and down-to-earth quality is what fascinates us about the country house style. Combined with the linear furniture of our neighbours from the north, natural colours and new materials, a modern ambience is created that enriches the country house idyll with a few new ideas and strong highlights.

The country house style satisfies the longing for fresh air, the smell of freshly mowed meadows and shady woods - in short: Deceleration and relaxation from everyday life. Those who lack corners and edges in this idyll can now create their very own modern country charm. Because today the robust country house flair meets the contrasts of industrialisation: Old meets new, proven materials are combined with new ones.

How to Achieve the Modern Country House Style:

1. Materials for the Modern Country House Style
2. Nature-Inspired Furniture with Rustic Elements
3. Country House Decoration - These Accessories Conjure Up that Countryside Feel
4. The Right Tableware for the Final Touch

Materials for the Modern Country House Style

The country house style - whether classic or modern - relies on nature! Get your hands on natural materials such as wood, stone, ceramics and clay. Natural fibres such as cotton, linen and leather not only impress with their organic and hand-crafted character, but they are also durable, skin-friendly and visually captivating with their unique structure. Each piece of leather, linen or ceramic is unique.

Foldable Miskito Lounge Chair

Eva Solo - Nordic Kitchen vacuum jug, oak / black
The Bloomingville - Tibetan lambskin rug in dip dye stone / kit
Theo Tea mug with coaster from Stelton
Cutter Wooden bench 120 from Skagerak in oak

Natural materials live. It is precisely the traces of years of use that give the country house style its special character. They are shown, even when they age, and tell stories of their owners. Combine these materials with cast iron and concrete; just as wood represents the rustic style, these materials will provide contrast and depth.

2. Nature-Inspired Furniture with Rustic Elements

The country house style relies heavily on furniture made of wood. In addition to the classic, popular oak wood, bamboo is gaining in popularity. The warm tone and the delicate grain help to create a cosy setting in the living room - perfect for the country house idyll. Anyone who finds wood too one-sided will be delighted with the new furniture: Contrasting elements of steel and cast iron loosen up the natural colour and add playful undertones. Magis demonstrates this with his Officina dining table.

Magis - Officina dining table, black / ash

Coat Frame from We Do Wood in Bamboo nature / Steel

It is clear that designers are inspired by furniture archetypes such as milking stools, farm chairs or the English Windsor Chair. The forms are re-invented without frills, but still with great respect for traditional craftsmanship.

3. Country House Decoration - These Accessories Conjure Up that Countryside

The country house charm can be brought home with just a few rustic accessories. Candlesticks, vases and bowls with signs of wear, faded colours and rough surfaces support the country style. Materials such as stoneware and terracotta bring these properties with them by nature and are therefore particularly suitable for country house decoration. Stoneware in particular is more topical today than ever.

The Bloomingville Glass Vase in smokey grey

Classic 80 wire basket made of stainless steel by Korbo
Design with light Lantern (Set of 2) H 16 cm + 25 cm from Holmegaard in clear
Jan Kurtz - Case Kista, teak

5. The Right Tableware for the Final Touch

Flowery or simple and natural - the modern country style is flexible and the market offers new tableware to your taste. At Marimekko and Bjørn Wiinblad you will find porcelain and kitchen textiles with floral print, that will give that summery feel to your city apartment. Crockery made of earthenware and terracotta, on the other hand, together with a colourful bouquet of field flowers, gives a lovely natural flair to the table.

The Joyn Collection by Arzberg


The combination with wood gives porcelain a warm note and that certain something that it needs for modern country style. In the Nordic Kitchen collection, Eva Solo sets the standard: a rustic series that looks extraordinarily charming both in the country house and in the city apartment. With its Junto series, Rosenthal relies entirely on stoneware. Discover more rustic tableware series here that give that final touch to your country-style interior. Unique pieces are also a wonderful way to decorate your home.

Junto tableware made of stoneware by Rosenthal
Skagerak - Edge Serie
Collar from Something Design Studio
Nordic Tray in the home garden
Sautier pan, casserole, saucepan and mixing bowl from the Nordic Kitchen collection by Eva Solo
The Stelton - Theo Cups and Teapot on the Table
AC19 Salina Collection by e15

Designer Gesa Hansen is living the countryside dream. In her homestory she takes us into an idyllic world full of magical things that bring us closer to the charm of the rustic style.

Create your very own modern country home! With old jewellery, natural materials and sensual surfaces, the cosy ambience will make your retreat from everyday life perfect.

Article from the 2018-07-16, of Anja Beckmann

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