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Office furnishings: practical ideas for the home office

Working within your own four walls: With the modern working concept Home-Office the working world is increasingly moving into people's own homes. The challenge is to create a creative workspace in which it is possible to be productive without being disturbed. At the same time, however, work and living space should be visually separated from each other so that you can let work be work after work. We show you how to make the most of your space with ideas, furnishing tips, the right office furniture and special office accessories .

If you have a separate room for your study, you should consider yourself lucky. In smaller apartments, the living room or bedroom often has to be used for this purpose. There is also the question of the furnishing style: classic-traditional or rather modern-functional?

How to furnish the study within your own four walls:

Furnishing a study - what's important?

  1. Creating a workspace in the living room or bedroom

Create order and ambience with the right accessories

Furnishing a study - what's important

With your own study, you are assured of a spatial separation between work and private life. There are no distractions during work, and you can relax after work. Nevertheless: In order to create an optimal working atmosphere, it is important to consider a few points. The prerequisites for concentrated and productive work are good lighting conditions, a pleasant room temperature, fresh air and ergonomic, comfortable furniture.

The right light

Hay - Noc Light table lamp in white
Artemide Tolomeo - Pinza clamp lamp, alu-silver
90 Mini LED table lamp from Anglepoise in carbon black / black
Artemide - Tolomeo Tavolo, black (without bracket)
Tip Table lamp from Muuto in black

Daylight is the best light. Therefore, place your desk close to the window. To supplement the sunlight and for later hours at the desk, a desk lamp is suitable. When buying your lamp or a light bulb, look for the lumens (luminous flux) label. Experts recommend that desk lighting have more than 600 lumens. Light color also plays a role. The brighter and colder a lamp shines, the more the light promotes concentration. Warm light, on the other hand, is considered relaxing. Neutral white ( 3. 000 to 5. 000 Kelvin) or daylight white (from 5. 000 Kelvin) lamps are therefore the best choice for the home workplace.

Tolomeo Micro Bicolor table lamp by Artemide on the desk

The Italian lighting manufacturer Artemide presents the Tolomeo luminaire with its flexible joints, swivel arm and rotating lampshade. It can be adapted to individual lighting requirements and is optionally available with a table clamp. Also with the manufacturers Absolut Lighting , Flos and Luceplan you will find extremely flexible desk lamps.

Aligning the desk correctly

The orientation of the desk is based on the PC and the incidence of light. Glare on the screen makes the eyes tired and leads to mistakes. You can avoid glare by choosing the right sitting position. Ideally, the light should come from the side.

Ergonomic and comfortable office furniture

If you have enough space, you are spoilt for choice. Manufacturers such as The Hansen Family and Müller Möbelfabrikation produce modern, friendly pieces of furniture that look bright and modern with each other, but also in combination with furnishings from other manufacturers. With her Remix Collection designs, Gesa Hansen breathes the spirit of days gone by into contemporary, functional furniture. Always a theme: storage space. The combination of storage space, compact form and simple elegance makes the Remix Collection desk something special.

Storage space through drawers is also offered by Müller Möbelwerkstätten with the Plane secretary . The StudioDesk by Bluelounge is completely designed for the use of electronic devices: Cables and connections of laptops, mobile phones and other devices disappear inside the desk, an integrated multiple socket ensures sufficient power supply. Anyone who spends a lot of time in the home office should take this into account when furnishing their office: String has developed the Works desk , a height-adjustable table at which you can work either sitting or standing. At the touch of a button, you can adjust the desk to your height and sitting or standing position in just a few minutes. Thanks to its light appearance, the innovative desk appears light despite the electronics and blends discreetly into the office furnishings .

The Occo table from Wilkhahn , oak
Journal Desk by Normann Copenhagen in Black
Pyramid Desk 140 x 75 cm from Hay in black / oak matt lacquered
Works Height adjustable table frame from String in white
Georg Desk (four legs) from Skagerak in oak

Sometimes a study has to represent. If you like it more exclusive, Zanotta and Vitra are the right choice. The Calamo table is the answer to the question of what makes a desk particularly sophisticated and classy: reduced design, a surface made of dark core leather and a storage surface with a tilting opening. The Compas Direction table is the new edition of a classic from Jean Prouvé from 1953: with its slender forms, smooth surfaces and asymmetrical legs, it is the epitome of good 1950s design - characteristics that also qualify the Compas Direction table for modern living. It turns the study into a statement. In addition to a desk , the choice of the office chair is also essential.

Ergonomic chair for living and working

Form Swivel Office Chair by Normann Copenhagen in Black / Aluminium

Hay offers with the desk chair variants of the About A Chair collection particularly light, modern models that are not the first thing to remind you of the office and work - function, comfort and aesthetics in the simplest form. Similarly, the Pro 6 chairs by Flötotto . A desk chair you can't go wrong with is the MedaPal office swivel chair by Vitra . It combines intelligent technology with high seating comfort and bears the ergonomics seal. Similarly classically equipped but with a more original design is the Allstar office chair by Vitra . The chairs in the ID Chair Concept and Aluminium Group collections are suitable for a study with executive office qualities thanks to their fine materials and exclusive look.

Vitra MedaSlim Chair

Storage space is provided by Shelving systems . Modular in design, they can be adapted to suit the space available and make the most of the little space available to store and accommodate office utensils. String is the master of shelving systems. Over time, the manufacturer has expanded its shelving repertoire to include a wide variety of modules. Sliding-door cabinets and drawer units make it possible to keep things tidy, even visually. Thanks to the integrable folding table, the String shelving system can be turned into an all-in-one office solution. The shelving system is also available in Black , Oak , Walnut and Birch . Also Tojo and Flötotto create modern storage solutions that you can use to furnish your office. The options for storing books in particular are numerous and in many cases unusual. With an original bookshelf you loosen up your office furnishing .

The Rider stool from Wilkhahn , white
The Stitz stool from Wilkhahn , cork / black
The seat buck from Wilkhahn , orange-red
The Stand-Up stool from Wilkhahn , bronze

Tip: Replace old, grey folders easily with colourful models . Lined up in the c folder shelf from linea1 presents a friendly picture.

Create a workspace in the living room or bedroom

With practical furniture, the home office can also be set up in the living room or bedroom without much effort and in a space-saving way. This is ideal if you don't have a room of your own or if you only need your workspace for private purposes.

As if carved from a piece of woodOur recommendations for you:Desks, secretariesView now!

Secretaries are particularly compact and offer storage space thanks to drawers, pull-out panels and double shelves. Some secretaries can be folded away after work, for example the Flatmate secretary from Müller Möbelwerkstätten , similar to the Flatframe and the Flatbox . Once the work is done, you simply fold the secretary shut and the home office "disappears" in the blink of an eye. The compact, sleek solutions make it possible to limit the work area to a small space without depriving the living room of its cosiness and you of your relaxation. The manufacturer Müller Möbelfabrikation produces not only smart office furniture, but also furniture for the living room. If the furniture is made from a single spring, the work area is hardly noticeable.

A simple alternative is a screen or room divider , which can be used to easily separate the work corner from the living area. The advantage: books and documents can simply be left lying around after work without getting in the way. While Hey Sign offers a classic room divider with the felt screen , you will find creative solutions with Kvadrat .

Clouds from Kvadrat in Divina MD 783 (mottled navy blue) / Divina 106 (white)

Especially if the workplace is located in the living room or bedroom, office utensils such as folders, pens and electronic devices should not disturb the picture. So look for closed shelves, compartments for cables and drawers in which you can store small items - all ideally within easy reach near the desk.

Create order and ambience with the right accessories

A desk, chair and shelf are not enough. Office work generates a wide range of small items. Instead of hiding them behind cupboard doors, pens and tools can sometimes be beautifully presented with the right office accessories. Thanks to a wide variety of storage boxes , elegant filing trays and fancy organizers, the most important utensils are always within reach. For important notes, keys & Co. pin boards or magnetic strips are ideal.

Design Letters - Message Board

Storage Toolbox from Vitra in moss gray
The Hay - Toolbox in grey
Handy-Box Storage box from Rig-Tig by Stelton in black
The Tool Box “all you need” from side by side

The manufacturers ferm Living and Design Letters have also addressed the topic of office furnishings and developed their own office collections for organising desk work at home - unusual design objects that make working a pleasure.

Tip: Studies show that greenery at the workplace increases productivity and concentration. So a plant or two should not be missing from the workplace at home. Discover the functional and beautiful flower pots in your Connox shop!

The Hay - flower pot with saucer in M, black
Hay - Flowerpot with Saucer, XL, grey

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