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As a pioneer of Nordic design, Iittala is dedicated to the pursuit of better living. For Iittala, design is a human issue, a way of looking forward.

The pioneer of Nordic Design

Inspired by man and nature, Iittala creates typically Nordic, timeless objects - practical for everyday use and beautiful to love.

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Iittala - tableware and home accessories in popular Scandinavian design

Iittala brings the Nordic lifestyle directly into your home. Every single product carries the essence of Scandinavian design - the timeless elegance, as well as the progress needed to meet the demands of everyday life. For Iittala, design is a very human theme - a way of looking to the future.

From glass factory to pioneer of Nordic design

The company was founded in 1881 in the town of Iittala in southern Finland as a glass factory. As a pioneer of Nordic design, Iittala has always strived for a better way of life. By focusing on the important things in life, the company creates a balance never before seen. Iittala designs are there to increase well-being.

But they are more than just a collection of beautiful objects. Iittala creates thoughtful design that is in harmony with you and the ever-changing nature of society. A design that is made to be loved and used every day and is intended for future decades and generations.

In 1936 the Alvar Aalto vase was created, which today is one of the cult objects of Finnish design worldwide. Today the brand Iittala stands not only for glass products. It is known for its Nordic design with clear, natural shapes and is therefore a forerunner of the beloved Scandinavian design, which leaves out everything superfluous and prefers clear, functional and elegant forms.

For years, the company's repertoire has also included high-quality cooking utensils and tableware such as the Origo series and the Teema tableware. All products of the brand - whether Iittala glasses, crockery, vases or lamps - are characteristic, combinable and multifunctional.

Designed for life

Iittala focuses on a design that lasts a lifetime. The company has followed the principle that good design must pass the test of daily use. To do this, the objects must of course withstand daily wear and tear. On the other hand, they must be able to survive short-term trends so that they are still loved and appreciated after years of use.

Many of the earliest Iittala designs are still in demand today and are still produced: This gives the manufacturer a special credibility. Iittala strives to create things that think for themselves. Whatever you buy contains a deeper meaning beyond form and superficial function.

Other Iittala home accessories are unique because of their materials. For example, the red Aalto Vase Savoy is made of real red glass - an art that only a few manufacturers master and use. This uniqueness results from the use of special materials, in this case the addition of gold salts, which give the vase this unmistakable colour brilliance.

Where the journey goes...

The company will continue to look for new ways to inspire and innovate and to stand up for what really matters. Instead of trends that everyone chases, Iittala will remain true to its origins and respect the qualities that make design durable and timeless. The knowledge of Iittala's designers and the skill of its passionate craftsmen will guide the brand and its design process, as they have done since 1881.

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Timeless, modern designs from Iittala

Iittala crosses the boundaries of design and craftsmanship with the inspiration that comes from the simple beauty of Nordic nature and its seasons. This is how modern classics are made.

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