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A gift for life. – Beauty isn’t enough.

Christmas is one of the most important moments of the year. Pretty presents of course belong to that date. Beautiful gifts that become remaining memories. That’s the reason why Iittala complied a selection of perfect gifts for Christmas: Three sets for three special, memorable moments.

Pretty design isn’t enough for Iittala. Iittala has the demand of equipping products with a clear message, so that everyone recognizes himself in them – whether eating out of borls, drinking out of glasses or simply looking at beautiful objects. Moreover the Iittala products should last a lifetime, which is why the design should be timeless. This is as timeless as the magic beauty of the Finnish nature, which is the source of inspiration of Iittala since 130 years.

You won’t only offer pretty things with the gift sets from Iittala, but y clear message: The gift set “A toast to us” includes products for y stylish wine evening. The gift set “Let’s enjoy good taste” invites to serve tapas and other tasty things to your guests. The gift set “Light up your life” ensures relaxing and romantic moments with according candlelight.