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It's summer – time to go out into the garden and start barbecueing! Knowing that we only have little time to enjoy being outside barefoot and wearing shorts, we try to get as much sun as possible: a BBQ is a permanent guest on our terrace. Every morning we look forward to the next social evening with meat, salad and baguettes. Every corner smells of glowing hot coals and spicy grilled food. A holiday feeling in the middle of everday life…

Grills and Fitting Grill Accessories for Cosy Summer Evenings

Hardly a week goes by without the BBQ being brought out – even if it's just for a quick Bratwurst after work. We have some of the latest trends in grills for you: high-quality original grills which can withstand the stresses and strains of a weekly BBQ and make you a master griller. There are no limits: classic kettle grills, solid grilling barrels or mobile folding grills for when on the road – our assortment has everything. Premium quality is guaranteed.

Barbecueing is twice as fun with the right utensils. So we present to you the proper original accessories: tongs, skewers, lighters, cleaning tools and much more. And for those who like a little Bratwurst on an open fire, we even have a 60 cm luxury grill tong! You will be surprised what the world of design can produce. Make it through the BBQ season properly!

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Höfats - Grill Gloves Höfats - Grill Gloves €34.95 *Eva Solo - FireGlobe Eva Solo - FireGlobe, matt black €299.95 *OZ-Goods - Barbecue Tongs Gretchen 30 cm OZ-Goods - Barbecue and Kitchen Tongs Gretchen 30 cm, beech €13.60 * 5 von 5Bruce Handrail Grill Balcony-Handrail BBQ, black €69.00 *Höfats - Barbecue Tongs Höfats - Barbecue Tongs €19.95 *Esbit - Foldable BBQ300S Foldable Charcoal Grill BBQ300S by Esbit €69.95 *Jack Daniel's - Wood Smoking Chips Jack Daniel's™ - Wood Smoking Chips €11.95 (€11.95/kg) * 5 von 5OZ-Goods - Barbecue tongs Greta 45 cm OZ-Goods - Barbecue Tongs Greta 45 cm, beech €20.30 * 4 von 5Höfats - Barbecue Apron Höfats - Barbecue Apron €34.95 *OZ-Goods - Barbecue Tongs Greta 60 cm OZ-Goods - Barbecue Tongs Greta 60 cm, beech €26.90 *Dancook - Barbecue Mitt Dancook - Barbecue Mitt, black €9.95 * 5 von 5Bodum - Bistro Sauce Pot with Brush Bodum - Bistro, Sauce Pot, black €19.90 *

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