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Kitchen Knives

Kitchen Knives: How to Cook Like a Chef

Good kitchen knives, above all, need a good cut. There are different knives for different occasions. From cheese knives to steak knives you will find a variety of quality kitchen knives in our assortment. The following checklist will help you decide and give tips what you should keep in mind when buying a kitchen knife.

Chef Knives at Connox - What to Consider

1. Size
2. What Will the Knife be Used for?
3. Material
4. Design
5. Accessories
6. Price
7. Tips & Tricks

1. Size: Small & Handy or Large & Powerful

The size of a kitchen knife depends on the use it is intended for. Generally it can be said that small knives find more space than large ones. So pay attention to the storage space available. How much room do you have in your drawers? Also, small knives work well as peeling knives, while larger knives are more suitable for cutting because of the larger blade and higher leverage.

2. Steak Knife, Fruit Knife & Co.: What Will the Knife be Used for?

  • A bread knife like the Barbry bread knife from Georg Jensen is perfect to cut through all different kinds of bread - white bread over crispy ciabatta to whole grain bread.
  • Small fruit & vegetable knives are light in the hand and easy to use. They are suitable for peeling as well as for cutting foods containing water.
  • What makes a butter knife special is the short blade. A butter knife is for spreading and is therefore not very sharp.
  • Are you looking for a cheese knife? Be sure to check out the cheese knife from the Collective Tools Series by Iittala. The ingenious physics of the knife ensures a good leverage - perfect for hard cheeses.
  • Or are you looking for a knife for preparing delicious fish dishes? Then a filleting knife is the right choice. Pay attention to the shape of the blade. At best, it is long, slim and elastic - so you can reach even hard to reach areas of the fish.
  • For all herbalists the chopping knife, also called Mezzaluna, is the right choice.
  • And if you are looking for a knife just in case, then Chef's Knife from Jacob Jensen is worth a look. Its ionizing surface provides an antibacterial effect - particularly exciting as a steak knife and for the preparation of fish.