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Höfats - Grill Gloves Höfats - Grill Gloves €34.95 *OZ-Goods - Barbecue Tongs Gretchen 30 cm OZ-Goods - Barbecue and Kitchen Tongs Gretchen 30 cm, beech €13.60 * 5 von 5Höfats - Barbecue Tongs Höfats - Barbecue Tongs €19.95 *Jack Daniel's - Wood Smoking Chips Jack Daniel's™ - Wood Smoking Chips €11.95 (€11.95/kg) * 5 von 5OZ-Goods - Barbecue tongs Greta 45 cm OZ-Goods - Barbecue Tongs Greta 45 cm, beech €20.30 * 4 von 5OZ-Goods - Barbecue Tongs Greta 60 cm OZ-Goods - Barbecue Tongs Greta 60 cm, beech €26.90 *Dancook - Barbecue Mitt Dancook - Barbecue Mitt, black €9.95 * 5 von 5Eva Solo - Pizza and Bread Baking Stone Eva Solo - Pizza and Bread Baking Stone €44.95 * 5 von 5Dancook - Grill Handle Dancook - Grill Handle €14.95 *Donkey Products - Burn your money Donkey Products - Burn your euros €7.95 *Höfats - Charcoal Grill  Starter Höfats - Charcoal Grill y Starter €40.00 *Eva Solo - Grill Cover for Barrel Grill Eva Solo - Grill Cover, Ø 59cm €89.95 *Eva Solo - Grill Fork Eva Solo - Grill Fork €27.95 *Philippi - Wave Barbecue Set Philippi - Wave Barbecue Set, 4 pcs. €75.00 * 5 von 5Morsø - Pizza Peel Morsø - Pizza peel €69.00 *Stöckli - Swiss Twist Raclette and BBQ Tongs Set of 4 Stöckli - Swiss Twist Raclette and Tongs (set of 4), black €14.90 *Morsø - Protective Leather Glove Morsø - Grill glove, right hand €19.00 *Dancook - Warming Grate for Kettle Grill Dancook - Warming Grate for Kettle Grill €29.95 *Morsø - Tuscan Grill Grate Morsø - TUSCAN Grill Grate, black €99.00 *Morsø - Grill Plate (Set of 2) Morsø - grill plate (set of two), black €99.00 *side by side - Firelighter Pralines side by side - Firelighter Pralines €6.50 *Eva Solo - Grill Skewer Set of 4 Eva Solo - Grill Skewer (Set of 4) €29.95 *Morsø - Protective Cover for Forno Grill Oven Morsø - Cover for FORNO Grill Oven, black €89.00 *Morsø - Vetro Pizza Plate Morsø - Vetro Pizza Plate, black €69.00 *Hay - Italian Hamburger Press Hay - Italien Hamburger Press, aluminium €25.00 *Eva Solo - Grill Cover for Barrel Grill Eva Solo - Grill Cover, Ø 49 cm €69.95 * 3 von 5Bodum - Fyrkat Metal Barbecue Brush Bodum - Fyrkat Metal Barbecue Brush, black €24.90 *Cook in Wood - BBQ smoking chips port wine Cook in Wood - bbq smoking chips port wine, 360 g €8.99 (€24.97/kg) *Cook in Wood - BBQ smoking chips sherry wine Cook in Wood - BBQ smoking chips sherry wine, 360 g €8.99 (€24.97/kg) *Eva Solo - Plancha Griddle Eva Solo - Plancha Griddle €139.95 *Morsø - Handle for Frying Dish & Grill Plate Morsø - Handle for the Frying Dish and Grill Plate €49.00 *Dancook - Charcoal Subdivider Dancook - Charcoal Subdivider €14.95 *BBQr’s Delight - Jack Daniel’s™ Smoking Pellets BBQr’s Delight - Jack Daniel’s™ Smoking Pellets €7.95 (€17.67/kg) * 5 von 5Bodum - Fyrkat Barbecue Tongs 384mm Bodum - Fyrkat Barbecue Tongs 348mm, black €18.90 *Areaware - Spatula Areaware - Spatula, black €15.00 *Cook in Wood - BBQ Smoking Chips Cognac Cook in Wood - BBQ Smoking Chips Cognac, 360 g €8.99 (€24.97/kg) *

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Eva Solo - Charcoal Grill

Useful Barbecue Accessories with Tested Quality

A dining experience over charcoal can hardly be had without barbecue accessories. The Connox shop offers you a welcome opportunity online to buy all necessary materials, tools and other barbecue accessories - simply and quickly, to your door. Famous designers and manufacturers produce everything from simple to fancy shapes and high-quality materials, so that there is something for every style and every preference. Take a look around and check out our offer of useful barbecue accessories - you will be amazed!

Barbecue Tongs and More - For Barbecue Pleasure

Whether a charcoal or gas barbecue - only the right accessories for the barbecue can round out the tasty experience for you and your guests. The Danish manufacturer Eva Solo is also of note in this category, combined with stylish design. Stainless steel barbecue accessories don’t just appear visually elegant, but also promise high quality and long life, as for example the visually appealing stainless steel barbecue turner shows clearly. The Wooden and kitchen tongs by OZ-Goods, made from rustic beech, are simple and beautiful. This is optimal not only for grilling but also well suited to the wok or oven. The Mano grill cutlery by Carl Mertens is very popular as barbecue accessories in our shop, and comes with apron, tongs, turners and barbecue fork. This grill cutlery is also a beautiful gift idea for passionate barbecue lovers.

Find your High Quality Barbecue Accessories in the Connox Online Shop

In addition to barbecue cutlery, our online shop offers many other useful things that make a barbecue a better experience.A designer barbecue, which primarily resides outside, should be protected from the wind and weather, so that it can please you for as long as possible. For the Dancook Kettle BBQ, for example, there is a matching weather shield, which optimally protects not only the grill plate, but also the frame. And so that you can always fill your brazier or firewood basket with fresh wood, the manufacturer Hey Sign offers a robust wooden basket.The online shop by Connox provides a wide range of selected barbecue accessories for you. Check out our carefully selected product range - we’re happy to deliver your purchase to your home.

Barbecue accessories in our interior design shop - your advantages at a glance

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