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Window Gardening

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Do it yourself: vegetables, salad and herbs coming from your own garden taste the best — now try growing your own plants and herbs! Living in a city is no excuse for not gardening on your own any more. Designers all over the world are busying themselves with the topic of window gardening and have developed creative products which enable us to grow vegetables and herbs in the smallest spaces. Goodbye concrete jungle!

Gardening without a Garden: a New Culture of Gardening is Conquering the City

Tomatoes, herbs and co. aren't worth the trouble because they are cheaper in the supermarket? Window gardening is much more than a way of filling our stomachs. It’s a new passion for many young people living in a predominantly digital world. A meditative notion is inherent in the new hobby — plus it offers relaxation in a fast moving life. The planting pots are always in your direct reach. The plants are watered regularly and you can check every day whether something is growing. New shoots are eagerly expected — until tomatoes, berries and herbs are finally ready for harvesting. No supermarket could ever offer this!

The Right Supplies for a Garden in a Skyscraper

Herb pots with integrated water reservoirs facilitate keeping basil, parsley, chives and others fresh. Sprouting glasses and mini greenhouses offer buds and seeds protection and a climate facilitating their start in life. Vertical planting bags save space by providing space for plants directly one above the other. Moreover, special herb scissors offer the possibility to chop herbs uniformly and get rid of needles. Discover our assortment of window gardening products and maybe find a new hobby!

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