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Storage Box with Lid

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Most people’s flats are filled with lots of small things that accumulate over time and keep multiplying – this is an inevitable consequence of living. Necessary things, souvenirs, beloved items – there are many things which are impossible to throw away while cleaning up the house, but they shouldn’t necessarily stand around in the open. Especially in the kitchen, in the office and the bathroom, there are many small objects that might ruin the general picture. Storage boxes with lids help organise the place. Discreet, colourful, brightly patterned, made of different materials and in different sizes – you will certainly find an appropriate box for your treasures.

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Storage Boxes with Lids Made of Cardboard, Plastic or Wood

Some materials are better than others, depending on the function and use of the box. In bathrooms, for example, it is advisable to use plastic boxes because of high humidity. The manufacturer Nomess exclusively concentrates on the production of these practical storage boxes made of plastic – including a transparent one. Some storage boxes have compartments and are suitable for jewellery and cosmetics.

Organiser boxes that conceal their function with a high-quality appearance, being subtle and yet decorative, are perfect for the living room. Wood also looks excellent in the living room and the bedroom! The lid of the Gemma box by Discipline is fixed to the box with a magnet embedded in the wood. This means this storage box looks as if it were a simple block of wood – the perfect place for hiding little treasures.

A storage box made of cardboard is suitable for an office or a study room: pens, paper, postcards and other office equipment disappear discretely in a storage box with a matching lid. You can choose between a simple multi-purpose box and a decorative eye-catcher depending on your taste – subtle and monochromous like those from Hay and Applicata, or colourful and with exceptional patterns like those of Remember and Marimekko.

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