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Storage boxes and caskets - how to find the right model for your home

  1. Various functions and locations
  2. The right material
  3. Storage boxes with extras
  4. Storage boxes as statement
  5. Conclusion

1. Various functions and locations

Whether pens, jewelry, sponge and dish brush or paper clips - there is something to store in every room of your home. If you like it functional, neat and decorative at the same time, you will appreciate the advantages of a storage box or casket. We show you which functions storage boxes fulfill and in which room they are used and how.

Storage boxes: different functions and locations

1. Storage box in the office
It is important to have all the utensils together not only in the office, but especially at home. Pens, staplers, notebooks, calculators and the like can be neatly stored in a storage box. Particularly practical for the storage box in the office: if it has a handle, you can easily take all the necessary utensils with you from the desk to the kitchen table to the meeting room - depending on where you want to work.

2. Storage box in the kitchen
A lot comes together in the kitchen too - sponges, washing-up liquid, spices, scissors, cutlery, and much more. Here, large storage boxes offer additional storage space that keeps everything important to hand and keeps the kitchen tidy. Stowed on the windowsill, on the shelf or decoratively on the table - storage boxes can be found anywhere in the kitchen and are practical helpers.

3. Storage box in the bathroom
If you want to store soap, hairspray and other cosmetics in the bathroom in a stylish and clear manner, you can also use the storage box here. With a storage box with a lid, items such as cotton swabs, make-up removing tissues or braids, which often disturb the clean image in the bathroom, can be hidden.

4. Jewelery storage boxes
Caskets or a small storage box with a lid keep things tidy in the area around the mirror or wardrobe. Here, jewelry, hair clips and the like can easily be accommodated and are in one place. Here, boxes with different compartments and with an integrated mirror are particularly suitable, so that you can put on the jewelry directly.

2. The right material

Storage boxes: the right material

Storage boxes and caskets come in a wide variety of materials, each of which has its own advantages. A storage box made of wood is wonderfully suitable for storing jewelry or other small everyday items in dry rooms and impresses with its longevity.

Cardboard storage boxes come in many different, colorful designs, making them particularly decorative. In different sizes, they are ideal for use in the office, in the children's room and as gift packaging.

Botanical Family, PC table lamp and box desktop from Hay

Interior design expert Kerstin Reilemann profile picture “Colorful cardboard boxes are a great way to wrap gifts sustainably. After unpacking, the recipient can use the box as a practical storage box.” - Kerstin, furnishing expert

A plastic storage box can be used wonderfully in the bathroom and kitchen. It is resistant to moisture and can be easily cleaned with a rag and a little water, should it become soiled, for example by splashes of sauce in the kitchen or leaked cosmetics in the bathroom. It is also suitable as a storage box in the children's room, as it is robust and yet light.

A box made of metal impresses with its robustness and durability. Heavier items can also be stored here - such as supplies or tools in the storage room.

If you are not yet sure where to use your storage box, choose a multifunctional variant - such as the Vitra Toolbox. Made of plastic and equipped with various compartments and a handle, it makes a good plant pot, pen holder and storage for bathroom accessories.

3. Storage boxes with extras

Storage boxes with extras

Some manufacturers offer storage boxes with practical additional functions and extras that make storage even easier for you. Inserts with different compartments help to organize jewelry or office utensils - so nothing gets mixed up. Storage boxes with lids that can be stacked on top of each other are particularly space-saving and can also be individually decorated. A storage box with a mirror is ideal if you want to store jewelry and makeup, because you can style yourself directly. Individually configurable boxes adapt to your needs and can be expanded as you wish.

4. Storage boxes as statement pieces

Storage boxes as statement pieces

Storage doesn't have to be boring or just functional. With stylish design storage boxes and casings, you can set accents in simple rooms in no time at all. Made of special materials, in eye-catching colors or individual shapes, not only can things be stowed away, but highlights can also be created in every room.

5. Conclusion - you should consider this when buying a storage box

  • Consider in which rooms the storage box is to be used and what your requirements are. Would you like to store small office utensils, kitchen accessories or toys? Match the box and size to it.
  • Wooden boxes are durable and of high quality, but react to moisture. A cardboard storage box is particularly suitable in the office, children's room or as gift packaging. Storage boxes made of plastic are robust and easy to clean, models made of metal are particularly stable.
  • Many storage boxes come with extras such as additional compartments, mirrors or configurable boxes and make storage even easier.
  • Design storage boxes in bright colors and unusual shapes are not only functional, they also become stylish eye-catchers in every room.

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