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Wine Glasses

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A good wine unfolds its whole flavor only in the right glass. How wine glasses affect the taste experience and how to find those glasses that make the most of your drop, you can find out here.

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Fine Wine Glasses for White and Red Wine

Whether at a cozy meal or an event - wine is and remains the undisputed luxury of a noble ambience. People realized very early that enjoying the fermented grape juice from matching wine jars makes a culinary difference. Wine simply could not be drank from any regular drinking glass. Over time, wine glasses prevailed that had special forms and designs. Read on if you want to know what you should consider when buying a wine glass and how to find the right one for you.

What to Keep in Mind When Buying Wine Glasses?

From Classic Wine Glasses to Fancy Designs
BeautifulWine Glasses with the Right Workmanship
Taking Care of Your Glasses
Enjoyment Begins with Serving
The Price
Designer Wine Glasses - Your Benefits at Connox

1. From Classic Wine Glasses to Fancy Designs

The wine glasses design not only provides an appealing look, but above all for a full-bodied taste. Good wine glasses are arched outwards and tapering upwards. When buying, make sure that the glass has the thinnest possible walls and do not use colored versions so that you can check the color of the wine unadulterated after opening the bottle. A wine glass is composed of three elements: goblet, stalk and foot. The better these components are matched, the better the balance and the typical sound when touching their wine glasses.
Although the stem ensures that your fingers do not affect the temperature of the wine, the most important design feature for your enjoyment is the cup shape. It has a direct influence on the taste of the different types of wine.

Red wine glasses are bulbous and have a large opening. The voluminous goblet increases the breathing surface of the wine. Here is the rule: the fuller and more complex the aroma, the larger the opening and the goblet of your red wine glasses.

White Wine Glasses have a smaller cup, are slightly bulbous and less ventilated. The fact that white wines are drunk cool, their glasses have a long handle and a smaller capacity.

Prosecco glasses and champagne flutes both have a tulip shape and narrow opening, so that carbon dioxide can not evaporate so quickly. Fine carbonic acid pearls are regarded as a quality feature of good sparkling wine and are produced on tiny, rough spots in the glass. Therefore, champagne glasses manufacturers in particular work small bumps in the calyx bottom. If you are looking for a suitable product, the Rosendahl's Grand Cru Champagne Glasses are for you. They convince with their simple yet modern design both on festive celebrations, as well as in a casual get-together. In prosecco glasses, the carbon dioxide of the wine escapes much faster than in the long-shaped wine glasses. That's why sparkling wine drinks are drunk from them.

A wine glasses set offers you a great way to start drinking wine. The manufacturer Iittala designed in 2001 the Essence Tumbler series with wine glasses for white and red wine. The series includes other products that we always ship in a two-pack and the highest quality. The Wine Glasses Set from Spiegelau is guaranteed to be an eye-catcher every night and goes perfectly with Burgundy, Pinot Noir and Rioja.

If you are looking for special wine glasses, you will love the

Air Sense Wineglass
from Schott Zwiesel . Its integrated decanting ball lets the wine breathe and unfold its refined aroma - whether red wine or white wine. With the Riedel O Wine Glass Series , this traditional Austrian company presents fine wine glasses without stem.

. 2 Beautiful wine glasses with the correct processing

Hand-blown wine glasses feel higher quality due to their thinner walls, the feeling of drinking is finer. As a rule, the unique crafts are more expensive than machine-made variants. Wine glasses, which are produced industrially and in large quantities, are more robust than mouth-blown wine glasses due to their thicker glass. Often, however, these have small seams between the goblet, stem and foot.
Crystal wine glasses have a stronger shine compared to normal glass. This property makes the material popular, it creates noble wine glasses. Whether it is wine glasses made of crystal or normal glass, please refer to the descriptions on our product pages.

. 3 The right care for your glasses

Most of our wine glasses are dishwasher safe. However, you should wash high-quality hand-blown specimens by hand, immerse in cold water and then dry with a clean dry cloth - at best made of lint-free linen. Thus you avoid unsightly scratches, washing-up liquid taste and streaks. If your glasses are still stained, remove the streaks with the old household remedy vinegar, so that they shine back to their former glory. Also important for the longevity of the glasses: Before you buy your wine glasses, you decide for their storage place - avoid necessarily contact with other glasses or metal.

. 4 The enjoyment begins with serving

The serving of wine is a show that wants to be learned. Open the bottle first at the table to show that it really is the original of the wine. Then pour a sip into your wine glass and check the color of the wine. Now try the taste of the wine. Once the wine has passed your rehearsals, you can start to sip your guests.
More important than serving is the temperature of the drop. The lower it is, the more limited the taste. In contrast, too warm wines taste alcoholic and no longer look noble. The perfect temperature differs depending on the wine. White wines are drunk at 10 to 12 ° C and sparkling wines at 6 to 7 ° C. From red wine glasses, enjoy your wine at 16 to 18 ° C.
The filling quantity varies from wine to wine. While you fill three-quarters of sparkling wines, you should never pour more than a quarter for white wine glasses. Since red wine glasses usually have a large goblet, they can only be filled up to a quarter, otherwise the wine becomes too warm over the longer drinking time. With the right wine accessories you become a hobby sommelier and refine each of your wines. For beginners we have here some tips on the subject of "Drinking Wine". And to make sure your bottles are stowed safely and stylishly, our bottle racks are recommended.

. 5 The price

High quality wines demand high quality wine glasses. Note, however, that a cheap wine with a high-quality glass does not get better. A good drinking vessel can only enhance the strengths of the wine, but not create it.

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