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Wine Accessories

Wine Accessories: For Hobby Sommeliers, Connoisseurs and Those Who Still Want to Become One

Wine is hip and not only in the form of a wine Spritzer in summer. The average citizen drinks 20 litres a year. Rosé is the most popular variety among Germans. And its enjoyment doesn’t need to be expensive - only 2.50 is invested in a bottle on average. Drinking wine is something for everyone. To make an art of it, add sophisticated equipment to the culinary delight. Be inspired by our range and become a hobby sommelier. Because bar accessories and table culture are much more than wine glasses and carafes!

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You shouldn’t Go without These When It Comes to Wine Accessories

Waiter’s knife: these knives are treasured by wine connoisseurs thanks to their versatile functionality. They consist of corkscrew, foil cutter and bottle opener. The blades combine multiple functions in one and are the perfect companion for on the go.

Decanter: the flavour of many wines only develops when in contact with air. Others need to be separated from their sediment. In both cases, a decanter helps. Always use a carafe that provides a large surface area for the wine to breathe. For example, the New Norm Wine Breather by Menu is a good choice. The innovative decanter allows you to combine carafe and wine bottle. In addition, a built-in decanting filter filters any sediment out of the wine.

Wine thermometer: The serving temperature is critical for the taste of the wine. Red wines are served best at 16 to 18 degrees. White and rosé wines are best chilled and drank at four to ten degrees. So that checking wine temperature isn’t a science in itself, a wine thermometer is recommended. With it you can always keep an eye on the temperature.

Wine bottle closure: not every bottle of wine is drunk empty by the end of the evening. With a bottle seal, the wine tastes just as good the next night. It protects the wine aromas by keeping the surface of the wine away from the effects of oxygen, as contact promotes the maturation of the wine.

Wine cooler: especially in the summer, it is important to protect the wine from too much heat. Bottle coolers are a good option here. Insulated covers or double-walled stainless steel wine coolers are particularly practical, such as those from Stelton. With them, the cooling of the bottle is easier to control than with ice.

Corkscrew: The corkscrew should be stable in the first place so that you emerge as the winner from your duel with it. A sturdy housing and stainless steel spiral should be minimum requirements for this piece of equipment. Lever corkscrews in particular have shown themselves as practical as they dramatically minimise the amount of force required.

Drip ring: This piece ensures that the wine ends up where it belongs - in the glass. It is annoying when stray drops spill out onto a light tablecloth after pouring. Wine Collar by Philippi prevents this.

Tip: wine sets are a nice gift for lovers and those who might yet be that. Give a suitable wine accessory set as a present. The Blade set by Menu, consisting of corkscrew, vacuum seal & decanter pourer is a good start.

Want to buy your wine accessories online? Have them delivered conveniently to your door by Connox within a few workdays. For more exciting stories on the topic of wine drinking, see our home design blog’s post ‘Drinking wine: useful facts and the best wine festivals’.