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Umbrella Stands

Umbrella stands in our design shop - with warm regards from Mary Poppins

It would be nice to be Mary Poppins. Not because she can fly. No, envious is her shrinkable umbrella.
It could disappear after being used and wouldn’t block the hallway. But reality is different. On rainy days towers of umbrellas build up in offices or house entryways. If you don’t notice you’ll end up stumbling down the hall. An umbrella stand from our design shop can help you out on rainy days.

Umbrella Stand in our Interior Design Shop - Your Advantages

What makes a Designer Umbrella Stand?

1. Stability: what good is it, if your umbrella stand is more wind-sensitive than the umbrella? Be sure that your umbrella holder is sturdy and weighs enough to not to flip to the side. Ideal: the Alessi’s umbrella stands ‘Blow’. Due to its open shape, it offers no target for gusts of wind. The water from your wet umbrellas runs into a tray at the bottom of the stand.
2. Space for friends: A good umbrella holder has room. And that's a good thing! For visiting friends and family, even on rainy days. If you no longer see flat ground for all the obtrusive umbrellas, then your umbrella stand has failed. With the Poppins umbrella stand by manufacturer Magis, this doesn’t happen. It weighs less than five kilograms and can accommodate up to six umbrellas.
3. The correct material: What is just as annoying as rain? - Yes, rust. Make sure that your umbrella holder is rust-proof. A rusty umbrella stand looks ugly and leaves small stains on your umbrellas. The Aki umbrella stand by B-line consists of weather-resistant polyethylene. Aki is also a Japanese word and means autumn, if that means anything.

Want to stand up against the rain and buy an umbrella stand online in our design shop? Have your favourite conveniently delivered to you within a few working days!