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Umbrella stand

Umbrella stand in the Design Shop - with best wishes from Mary Poppins

How nice it would be to be Mary Poppins. Not because she can fly. No, the envy is for her shrinkable umbrella. It could disappear into her bag after use and wouldn't block the hallway. But the reality is different. On rainy days, umbrellas pile up in offices or entrances. If you don't look at them once, you'll stumble through the hallway. An umbrella stand from the Design Shop can help on rainy days.

Umbrella stands in the Design Shop - your advantages

What makes a designer umbrella stand stand out?

1. Stability: What good is it if the umbrella stand is more sensitive to wind than the umbrella? Make sure that your umbrella stand is stable and weighs enough to prevent it from tipping over. Ideal: the Alessi umbrella stand Blow . Thanks to its open shape, it offers no surface for gusts to attack. The water from your wet umbrellas runs into a tray at the bottom of the stand.
2. Space for friends: A good umbrella stand has space. And that's a good thing! Because friends and family also visit you on rainy days. If you can no longer see the floor of your home because of all the umbrellas, your umbrella stand has failed. This won't happen with the Poppins umbrella stand from the manufacturer Magis . It weighs just under five kilograms and offers space for up to six umbrellas.
3. The right material: What is just as annoying as rain? - Exactly, rust. Make sure that your umbrella holder is rust-free. A tarnished stand looks unattractive and leaves little decorative marks on your umbrella. The Aki umbrella stand from B-Line is made of weather-resistant polyethylene. Incidentally, Aki is Japanese and means autumn. If that's not a sign.

Do you want to brave the rain and buy an umbrella stand online in the design store? Have your favorite delivered to your home conveniently and within a few working days!