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Hanging wardrobes - how to find the right hanging wardrobe for your home

Hang it all wardrobe from Vitra in ash black / black
  1. Variety and locations of hanging wardrobes
  2. Hanging wardrobes for coat hangers - space conditions
  3. Assembly: the right height for hanging wardrobes
  4. Decorative and unconventional use of hanging wardrobes
  5. Conclusion - this is what you need to consider when buying designer hanging garments

1. Variety and locations of hanging wardrobes

With hanging wardrobes, the first thing you think of is the hallway. Jackets, coats, scarves and bags can be hung here comfortably and are always ready to hand when leaving the house. Wardrobes with simple hooks (2) or with a rod (1) for hanging clothes hangers are the most popular models in the hall. Hanging wardrobes with practical shelf (3) also offer space for hats, gloves, keys and wallet and combine shelf and wardrobe in one piece of furniture to save space. Hanging wardrobes for individualisation, for example with a plug-in mechanism (4), offer the possibility of personalising the entrance area and can be perfectly adapted to your own requirements.

Viktoria interior design expert tips for advisors "In narrow corridors, wall-mounted wardrobes are ideal for hanging a large number of garments in a space-saving manner on the one hand and for making a design statement on the other." - Viktoria, furnishing expert

In the kitchen as well as in the bathroom, narrow, unobtrusive hanging wardrobes for towels can be used, which are either mounted on the door or on the wall. If you prefer to create an eye-catcher, you can opt for opulent, colourful models (2).

Hanging wardrobes are also an excellent alternative to classic clothes rails in the bedroom. Models that are used with hangers (1) are perfect for staging your favourite dresses, shirts and blouses or preparing the outfit for the next day.

PUK hanging wardrobe

2. Hanging wardrobes for coat hangers - space conditions

Suspended wardrobes are basically available in two different versions: with hooks for hanging clothes directly on the loop or with a rod for clothes hangers.

Especially for hanging wardrobes with a bar, the space required should be taken into account. Between 30 cm and 46 cm, the wardrobe including coat hangers protrudes into the room and thus takes up valuable space, especially in narrow hallways. So if you only have limited space available, it is better to go for a classic hanging wardrobe with hooks.

PUK hanging wardrobe

Hanging wardrobes with several hooks do not take up much space in the room and can be used with coat hangers in addition to the classic suspension on the loop. If several coat hangers are to be hung next to each other, it is advisable to allow for a width of 36-46 cm per hanger.

PUK hanging wardrobe

3. Assembly: the right height for hanging wardrobes

When installing suspended wardrobes, the height on the wall must be determined. Basically you can orientate yourself on your own body size and attach the hanging garment at the appropriate height. With an installation height of 170 cm, for example, it is also guaranteed that even long coats do not drag on the floor.

If children live in the house, hooks at low height are a must. Long, vertically designed hanging wardrobes, where the hooks are individually adjustable, such as the We Do Wood scoreboard wardrobe, are particularly suitable for this purpose. The individual hooks can be inserted at any height, so that the jacket of every single family member - no matter what height - has its place.

PUK hanging wardrobe

4. Decorative use of hanging wardrobes / Unconventional use

A hanging garment does not necessarily have to be used only in the classic sense for jackets, towels and clothing. Wardrobes with hooks offer unlimited possibilities for individual design and thus function as a decorative element in the room.

Expert tip "Hook bars advance to the new key piece. They are a great enrichment in every room and not only manage to hang clothes and kitchen utensils in style, but also picture frames, jewellery, mirrors and and and ..." - Viktoria, furnishing expert

PUK hanging wardrobe

5. Conclusion - this is what you need to consider when buying designer hanging garments

  • Hanging wardrobes do not necessarily have to be installed classically in the hallway, but can also be used as towel rails in the bathroom and kitchen or alternative clothes rails in the bedroom.
  • In the case of hanging wardrobes with bars, the depth of the coat hangers protruding into the room should be taken into account - between 30 cm and 46 cm should be allowed for here.
  • The height of the wall mounting can be adapted to your own body height, for children the height should be adjusted accordingly.
  • Hook strips can also function as a decorative element by using mirrors, jewellery or picture frames to set the scene.
Pujo hanging wardrobe by ferm Living in black

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