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Hanging wardrobes - how to find the right hanging wardrobe for your home

  1. Variety and places of use of hanging wardrobes
  2. Hanging wardrobes for hangers - space conditions
  3. Assembly: the right height for hanging wardrobes
  4. Decorative and unconventional use of hanging wardrobes
  5. Conclusion - what you need to consider when buying designer hanging wardrobes

Variety and places of use of hanging wardrobes
When it comes to hanging wardrobes, the first thing that comes to mind is the hallway. Jackets, coats, scarves and bags can be conveniently hung here and are always at hand when leaving the house. Wardrobes with simple hooks (2) or with rod (1) for hanging hangers are the most popular models in the hallway. Hanging wardrobes with practical shelf (3) also provide space for hats, gloves, keys as well as wallet and combine shelf and wardrobe in one piece of furniture to save space. Hanging wardrobes for individualization, for example, with plug-in mechanism (4), offer the possibility of personalization of the entrance area and can be perfectly adapted to their own needs.

"In narrow hallways, wall-mounted coat racks are great for hanging lots of clothes in a space-saving way on the one hand and making a design statement on the other." - Viktoria, interior design expert

In the kitchen as well as in the bathroom, narrow, understated hanging coat racks for towels can be used in particular, either mounted on the door or on the wall. Those who prefer to create an eye-catcher reach for opulent, colorful models (2).

Hanging wardrobes are also great to use as an alternative to classic clothes rails in the bedroom. Models used with hangers (1) are perfect for showcasing your favorite dresses, shirts and blouses or preparing the outfit for the next day.

LindDNA - Swing hanging coat rack | Vitra - Hang it all coat rack | Skagerak - Cutter mini coat rack | We Do Wood - Scoreboard coat rack

Hanging wardrobes for clothes hangers - space conditions
Hanging wardrobes are basically available in two different versions: with hooks for hanging clothes directly on the loop or with a rod for hangers.

Especially for hanging wardrobes with a rod, the required space should be taken into account. Between 30 cm and 46 cm, the wardrobe including hangers protrudes into the room and thus takes up valuable space, especially in narrow hallways. So if you have limited space, it's better to go for a classic hanging wardrobe with hooks.

Umbra - Flip Hook | Cane-line - Copenhagen City Rack

Hanging wardrobes with multiple hooks do not take up much space in the room and can be used with hangers in addition to the classic hanging on the loop. If several hangers are to be hung next to each other, it is recommended to plan for a width of 36-46 cm per hanger.

Skagerak - Cutter clothes rail

Mounting: the right height for hanging wardrobes
When mounting hanging wardrobes, the height on the wall must be determined. Basically, you can orient yourself here to your own height and mount the hanging wardrobe at the appropriate height. With a mounting height of, for example, 170 cm, it is also guaranteed that even long coats will not drag on the floor.

If children live in the house, hooks at a low height are a must. Long, vertically designed hanging wardrobes where the hooks are individually adjustable, such as those of the Scoreboard wardrobe from We Do Wood, are particularly suitable here. The individual hooks can be used at any height, so that the jacket of each family member - regardless of height - has its place.

LindDNA - Swing hanging coat rack | We Do Wood - Scoreboard coat rack | Montana - Coat coat rack

Decorative use of hanging wardrobes / Unconventional use
A hanging coat rack does not necessarily have to be used only in the classic sense for jackets, towels and clothes. Coat racks with hooks offer unlimited possibilities for individual design and thus act as a decorative element in the room.

"Hook strips are advancing to become the new key piece. They are a great asset in any room and manage to hang not only clothes and kitchen utensils in style, but also picture frames, jewelry, mirrors and and and ..." - Viktoria, interior design expert

applicata - Track Coat Rack

Conclusion - what you need to consider when buying designer hanging wardrobes

  • Hanging wardrobes do not necessarily have to be mounted classically in the hallway, but can also be used as a towel rack in the bathroom and kitchen or alternative clothes rail in the bedroom.
  • For hanging wardrobes with rod should take into account the depth of the hangers protruding into the room - between 30 cm and 46 cm should be planned here.
  • The height of the wall mounting can be based on your own height, for children the height should be adjusted accordingly.
  • Hook strips can also act as a decorative element by setting the scene with mirrors, jewelry or picture frames.

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